“2Face, Timaya, D’banj Are The Only OGs I Respect” – Burna Boy

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Burna Boy, the Grammy-winning singer, recently expressed his admiration for a select group of veterans in the Nigerian music industry who have greatly influenced his life and career.

According to him, 2Baba, Timaya, D’banj, Larry Gaaga, and Wande Coal are the only individuals he holds in high regard.

Burna Boy specifically credits Timaya for inspiring and showing him that success in the music industry is attainable.

He also expresses his gratitude to D’banj for his support, which included funding the music video for the song “Wan Da Mo”.

Burna Boy’s comments were made in response to veteran producer ID Cabasa’s call for Nigerian singers to show respect to industry legends.

During an Instagram live session, Burna Boy acknowledged the challenges faced by many in the industry and stressed the importance of recognizing and appreciating those who have made a positive impact.

He said:

“The only OGs who have impacted my life; number one, Timaya, because he is the one who showed me that achieving stardom was possible. I’m going to respect him for the rest of my life.

“D’banj also supported me back then. He paid for ‘Wan Da Mo’ video. These are two people I don’t joke with. It’s not like n*ggas don’t have respect, no, n*ggas have just been through a lot and we only remember the people we saw in the dark times. People like Larry Gaaga. He stood by me back then. So these are people I will respect for the rest of my life.

“When you’re talking about OGs, as far as I’m concerned, those names are the only ones in addition to 2Face based on musicality and the fact that he did a feature with me when he didn’t have to back in the days. These are OGs to me. Any other person isn’t an OG to me. ID Cabasa, you can meet Olamide and you can be an OG to him [laughs]. We’ve all been through stuff differently and we all see life differently.

“I can’t forget Wande Coal, too. At a point in time, we were so close.”

In other news, Veteran record producer ID Cabasa, also known as Olumide Ogunade, has addressed the ongoing conflict between emerging artists and industry legends.

The recent public feud between Eedris Abdulkareem and Burna Boy has ignited a passionate discussion on social media platforms. Speaking on the Afrobeats Podcast, ID Cabasa stressed the importance of mutual respect and understanding between new artists and veterans.

He believes that the younger generation should pay homage to the pioneers who paved the way, while the veterans should uphold their dignity.

ID Cabasa further emphasized the significance of respecting the OGs (original gangsters) and urged veterans to support and guide young artists instead of excessively criticizing them.

In summary, ID Cabasa advocates for a harmonious relationship between new and old talents in the music industry.

He said:

The new guys need to respect the OGs. The OGs need to be more honourable. You are not competing against these guys. If you see yourself as a competition to these guys, what you’ve done is that you’ve mortgaged your honour.”

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