N14m Debt: Portable Fails Bail Conditions, Sleeps in Police Cell

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Portable, a Nigerian artist, has been held in police custody due to his failure to fulfill the bail requirements established for his release.

This occurred after his apprehension for neglecting to settle an N14m debt he accumulated during the purchase of a G-Wagon from a car dealership in Lagos State.

As reported by Punch, a reliable source verified this information on Wednesday.

The source further disclosed that the musician spent the night in a police cell after being arrested on Tuesday, as he was unable to meet the stipulated bail conditions for his release.

“He is still in police custody as we speak. When he paid N13m for the G-Wagon that cost N27m and refused to pay the balance, the car dealer asked him to return the vehicle when his excuse was that it was bad but he also refused,” the source said.
Hundeyin confirmed that Portable spent the night in a police cell following his arrest. When contacted on Wednesday, the state Police Public Relations Officer stated that the musician was still under the custody of the police.
Hundeyin said, “He has presented no reliable surety yet so he (Portable) is still with us.”
In two viral videos capturing the incident, our correspondent observed that Portable attempted to evade arrest when he fled the scene.
The policemen, determined to apprehend him, pursued him relentlessly and eventually managed to subdue him.
However, upon further examination of the second video, our correspondent noticed that Portable was still resisting arrest despite being pinned down by four policemen who forcefully placed him inside a vehicle. These videos have sparked a range of reactions from viewers.
While some individuals condemned Portable for his resistance, others criticized him for disregarding his societal standing by failing to settle the outstanding N14m balance from the vehicle purchase.
As previously reported by PUNCH Online, Portable had only paid N13m out of the N27m vehicle price and had refused to pay the remaining amount.
Despite numerous unsuccessful attempts to persuade him to fulfill his financial obligations, the car dealer, who claimed that Portable’s excuse of the vehicle being faulty was unfounded, eventually involved the police in the matter.
In other news, A letter of commitment authored by musician Portable has emerged on the internet. In the document, Portable committed to settling the outstanding debt he owed.This situation arose after he was apprehended for the acquisition of an N27 million G-Wagon without completing the full payment.

Portable evaded arrest by jumping over a gate when authorities tried to apprehend him for the unpaid balance on the G-Wagon he bought.

The car dealer’s complaint resulted in his arrest as he did not finalize the payment for the vehicle, despite making an initial payment. The letter of commitment signed by Portable disclosed that he still owes N14 million out of the N27 million for the G-Wagon.

Furthermore, online voice recordings of the car dealer attempting to reach Portable were shared. The dealer implored Portable to settle the remaining debt or return the vehicle, but Portable declined, citing defects in the vehicle.

According to the agreement, if Portable fails to adhere to the terms, the dealer has the authority to repossess the vehicle without issuing a refund.

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