I Attempted to Take My Own Life Some Years Ago – Betty Irabor

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Betty Irabor, a Nigerian author, recently disclosed a personal struggle that many may not be aware of. She revealed that she once contemplated ending her life as a result of depression.

Irabor, who is the founder of the well-known Genevieve Magazine, shared this information on her social media platform.

Irabor wrote:
“Years ago I had a failed attempt @ suicide.What people don’t get is that many don’t really want to go thru with it. It’s d pain you want to kill not yourself.
In that fleeting sec you’re still hoping someone will save u.
I’m grateful 4 my turnaround & bonus yrs #depression
If you’re in that place called depression, I promise you that a turn around is possible.. Talk to someone. There is no shame in admitting you need help and getting it. All that matters is your recovery. Thankfully more people understand Mental illness better now.
It’s all in my bk Dust to Dew…
it took 9 psychiatrists; 5 in Lagos; 3 of whom were clueless lol, 1 in London (who was like “oh not another crazy one”? 😀)to 2 in Dubai, a very a kind hubby, beloved 2 adult children, great siblings, my mum, meds, & my own will to live”

In other news, Toyin Abraham-Ajeyemi a Nigerian actress and filmmaker couldn’t contain her joy for her colleague and longtime friend, Kehinde Bankole, who received an award at the recently concluded AMVCA ceremony.

During the 10th edition of the award ceremony, Kehinde Bankole emerged victorious over other nominees to claim the prestigious Best Lead Actress award for her outstanding performance in Adire.

This marks her second time winning the Best Actress title, having previously achieved it in 2015.

An online video captured Toyin Abraham praising Kehinde Bankole for her well-deserved victory.

She proclaimed Kehinde is the finest actress in Africa and expressed her pride in her accomplishments. In the video, Kehinde stood at the center while Toyin walked around her, complimenting her.

In the caption accompanying the video, Kehinde expressed her love for Toyin and described her as a beautiful-faced friend who enjoys playing around.

Kehinde Bankole wrote:

“@toyin_abraham Dada, my friend with a fine face and too much playfulness. Ha wahala e po, my dearest. I love you truly”.

Toyin remarked on the transformation of Kehinde and extended her congratulations on the award once more.

“I have turned you into something else; congratulations once again, my baby. Love u so much”.

In response to the video shared by Kehinde Bankole, certain fans showed sincere happiness for the actress’s victory, while others criticized Toyin Abraham for seeking attention and celebrating her win when Funke Akindele did not receive the award as anticipated.

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