Odumodublvck And Davido Reunite Following Online Beef

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Nigerian musicians, Odumodublvck and Davido, have resolved their conflict. The two were seen enjoying each other’s company and engaging in conversation following the rapper’s performance in Toronto.

It is worth mentioning that Davido had previously clashed with the up-and-coming rapper due to his strong allegiance to the “Unavailable” singer and his promise to never betray him.

Fans speculated that Davido’s frustration arose from the rapper’s affiliation with Wizkid, despite his professed loyalty.

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See netizens’ reactions trailing the video:
ATAKWANA said: “Odumodu just day explain explain Give Davido 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”
Iyke wrote: “Davido no really send the guy😂”
Ara Cash noted: “Davido no get anybody for mind, he’s just cruising. Wizkid should learn”
Gift Oliseneku noted: “No beef is what fans don’t want.”
Ayomilekan said: “Davido na person wer like to vex and move on asap. Someone like him don’t really know how to put things in mind”
cruzzy said: “Na online eye service people da carry beef for head. Low key all these celebrities da cool with each other”

Recall how Nigerian singer, Jawyon threw shade at junior colleague, Odumodublvck. In a recent social media exchange, singer Jaywon replied to Odumodublvck’s comments.

Responding to Odumodu’s statement that he had not prepared the path for anyone, he added that he would understand if Burna Boy was ranting, but not Odumodu.

He also stated that artists should learn to give credit to those who came before them since doing so would not diminish their greatness.

He also added that, in his opinion, Odumodu was just as arrogant as the rest of them, and that everyone knew his music was nothing special, but they just respected his hustle.

He advised Odumodu to learn to listen to counsel rather than constantly practicing “gra-gra.” He also said that he wanted to be courteous during the interview.

“Is not going to take anything from you to give shoutout to those that came before you… It won’t stop your greatness.

If you know you know!

As far as l’m concerned, odumodu is just as arrogant as the rest of them, and everybody knows the music is not all that but you know, I respect your hustle still bro…… keep crying! The people supporting you too know the truth.

No be everything be gra gra. Sometimes calm down to listen to small advise.

If burna bom boys dey rant, I go understand why but no be odumodu lol. In that interview I talk my mind and also give kudos where need be but y’all too quick to chats it about my career wey don last pass una whole life.

Keep crying!”

Odumodublvck had queried his senior colleague, Jaywon over his response to Burna Boy’s comment that no one paved the way for him.

In a recent podcast, Jaywon stated that Odumodublvck’s music isn’t outstanding. Jaywon commented during a recent podcast interview with comedian Teju Babyface. He claimed he loves Odumodublvck as a person, but his music is ‘not all that’.

In reaction, Odumodublvck came to the microblogging network Twitter, X, and blasted the ‘This Year’ artist, claiming he is not his OG.

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