Nigerian Soldiers in Tears After Losing Colleagues to Terrorists (Video)

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A video capturing Nigerian soldiers in tears following the loss of their comrades in terrorist attacks has become an internet sensation.

The video, which was shared on social media on Tuesday, does not provide specific details about when it was recorded or the exact reason behind the soldiers’ emotional display. However, it is worth noting that Nigeria has been grappling with terrorist attacks for more than twenty years.

The accompanying post on social media stated, “Nigerian Soldiers overwhelmed with grief after the tragic loss of their fellow soldiers in a terrorist attack in Northern Nigeria.”

Watch video:


Soldiers in the video were observed shedding tears as the individual behind the camera, likely providing comfort, urged them to cease their weeping.

“Stop crying please, stop crying,” the voice said.
“I tell you guys since morning, my mind no dey here, I no tell you?” he questioned in pidgin English

In other news, Mr Peter Obi, a former presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) has reacted to rising poverty and hunger in the country.

Obi spoke at an online event. He reminded Nigerians that no religion, ethnicity, or political party can buy food at a lower price in any Nigerian market.

Obi urged Nigerians to work together to shift the country’s focus from consumption to production for the benefit of society.

The former Anambra State governor claimed in a post on his X account on Monday.

According to LP’s past presidential candidate, Nigeria’s numerous issues as a nation may be overcome by unity of effort, teamwork, and mutual respect.

He said:

“In continuation of my Easter Sunday activities yesterday evening, after sharing the Easter joys with the inmates of Onitsha Correctional Centre, yesterday, I was at the Central Mosque, Onitsha to pray with the Muslim Community in the City who are in the last ten days of the Ramadan fasting.
It was heartwarming to see how they were able to judiciously deploy the little resources I gave them last year for the renovation of their mosque.
“I took time to remind them, and indeed every Nigerian, of the need to rise above religion and tribe, but in unity and brotherly love, continue to work hard for the development of our dear nation.
“Our many challenges in our nation can be conquered by a unity of efforts, collaboration, and mutual respect. As I have always maintained, no religion, tribe, or political party buys food cheaper in any market anywhere in Nigeria.
“We must, therefore, join hands in moving our nation from consumption to production, for the good of society. I shared my little Easter gifts, and Financial support with the community and appreciated them for their kind words, encouragement, and prayers.
“Together as one, we will build the New Nigeria.”
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