Lege Miami Calls Out Pastor Adeboye Over Inability Of His Church Members To Attend His University (Video)

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Lege Miami, a well-known Nigerian actor, has criticized Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, for not making the university affordable for church members.

Even though the church was supposedly built with their tithes and offerings, Lege Miami argues that it is unfair that those who contribute the most are not allowed to study there.

He suggests that church members should be able to attend for free, with the money donated being used to maintain the school.

Although he has faced backlash for his comments, Lege Miami stands by his statement, believing it is important to address this issue.

Watch video:

Here are some reactions to the video below;

mrrbrainz wrote: “Mumu man. God will punish you. God and tell your government to build free education for you. Don’t bring curse upon yourself. That’s a private university, if you can’t afford it, go to the one you can afford.”

mcpaapcomedian01 agreed: “Big fact ❤️ Bishop Oyedepo School is no go area for the POOr and they all own a PJ 😂”

mudianiel asked: “How will they sustain the school if its free? How will they buy/ update teaching equipments, pay staffs and good lecturers? I am sure the school offers scholarships but how many can they offer?”

laurafreshness202 said: “Collect tithe money, donations n offerings build expensive schools that non church goers will attend cos the school fees is not cheap😂”

In addition, Pastor Adeboye stressed the significance of leading a holy lifestyle, as he believes it is essential for both his physical well-being and spiritual strength.

As he recounted his journey, Pastor Adeboye’s words shed light on the principles that have guided him toward good health and spiritual fortitude.

He said:

“As long as you are connected to the socket of the Most High, the enemy cannot touch you. Every day you will be looking younger, feeling stronger.

“A friend of mine called me at the beginning of this year and asked me, ‘Friend, how are you doing it’? I said doing what? He replied that at over age 80, I am still running up and down as if I am a small boy. I said if I tell him the secret will he believe me? Stay connected to the One who never tires, who never grows old, The One who is always there, the One who does not sleep nor slumber. Remain connected to Him and His Power would flow through you, renewing you strength from day to day.

“Not too long ago I travelled to one nation and as it used to be my custom, I decided to go for a walk in the morning and two of my sons decided to walk with me and said okay. After sometime I looked back and I wonder where are these boys? I have left them far behind. When I was returning, I met them on the way and I asked what happened, they said they did not know I am going that far. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

“We are not just talking about being strong physically alone but it includes being strong mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

“I was telling someone what happened to me in 1951 he said how do I remember all these things, remember that those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. All you need to do is remain connected to the source of the Almighty God.

“Samson was so anointed by God that he singlehandedly killed thousands but when he disconnected himself from God, the enemies dealt with him.

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