Why There Are More Grandmas Than Grandpas – Actress Omobewaji

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Omobewaji, a well-known Nigerian actress, has recently addressed the importance of men prioritizing their health and well-being.

In a message shared on the social media platform ”X”, she encouraged men to not hesitate in seeking help and expressing their emotions when needed.

Emphasizing the challenges that men face in balancing their responsibilities towards their families with their own health and mental well-being, Omobewaji urged men to let go of unnecessary burdens.

She highlighted that these struggles often result in more aged women than men, and stressed the significance of men taking breaks when necessary to prevent premature deaths.

She stated:

“Dear MAN!

You are not a robot

You are not God

You are human

You have blood flowing through your veins

You are somebody’s child

You deserve love

You deserve care

You deserve to show emotions when necessary

You are allowed to take a break when overwhelmed

You deserve…
A partner that helps you without tearing you down !

You are important too

Whilst trying to take care of everyone, take care of you too!

Dear Man! Pls don’t die!!!

Wondering why we have grandmas than grandpas!

Because you “Man”allow yourself to be overwhelmed !

As long as you are Not a deadbeat !

You deserve the love n care society shows the “woman”!

Dear man ! Feel free to ask for help !

Make sure your health is prioritised !

Know God

Love him

He ll teach you

Dear MAN

Plsss stay alive!!!!”

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In other news, Nigerian chef Hilda Baci is commemorating the first anniversary of her Guinness World Record-breaking cooking marathon.

The event, which occurred in Lagos, saw Hilda and her team of approximately 100 individuals successfully surpass the 100-hour mark.

In a heartfelt gesture, Hilda expressed her gratitude to her dedicated team for their unwavering support throughout the challenging endeavor.

She reflected on the marathon’s commencement on May 12 and conclusion on May 17, 2023, noting that the upcoming celebration would span five days.

She wrote:

“On this day 1year ago we began the official attempt that made history. At about 5pm on the 12th of may I turned on the gas for the very first time only to be turned off on the 17th of may 5 days later so yes we have a 5 day long anniversary and I’m here for it.

I could not have done it firstly without my team the alpha team that was the first point of contact that helped my very big dream come true so naturally the first celebration point will be the Alpha team and heads of departments.

I mean it was such a big team of about a 100 people to put the experience of the year together and I’m thankful for them every single day.”

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