Abuja Barber Continues To Troll Davido And Humiliate His Bald Head

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Callistus Okolie, the barber from Abuja who gained popularity online, has sparked new controversy on the internet by once again making fun of Davido, this time focusing on the singer’s lack of hair.

The conflict between these two individuals started when Davido felt offended by a comment made by the Abuja barber, who had referred to Davido as the “third-biggest artist.”

This caused Davido to express his displeasure, mentioning that he had initially planned to show support for the barber’s business but changed his mind due to the disrespectful remark.

Despite the previous disagreement, the Abuja barber has persisted in making fun of Davido, as seen in his recent social media post.

In the post, the barber shared a picture of Davido with his bald head, jokingly stating that he wouldn’t even know where to start if he were to attempt to cut Davido’s hair.

In the post, the Abuja barber wrote;

See person hair wey i wan barb 😒 where i for even start from? 🤦🏽‍♂️.

See post. below:

Remember that the Abuja-based barber, known as Kallystouch on Instagram, has been offered N2 million.

Recall that he had mocked singer Davido by claiming that Wizkid is superior and Davido is in third place.

As a result, Davido, upon visiting Abuja, did not receive a haircut from the barber. This missed opportunity was seen as a hindrance to the barber’s future blessings.

“kallystouch I don save ur picture I for come Abuja. U for cut my hair wey don almost finish but u like social media. My last 3 barbers I open shop for them. Nah so u dull ur generation blessing smh.” Davido said.

Unfazed by Davido’s critique, Kallystouch remained unwavering in his position, reasserting Wizkid’s dominance according to his perspective.

Nevertheless, the situation took an unforeseen twist when an influencer, known as @MrDablue on Twitter, stepped in with an extraordinary proposition.

He expressed:

“Who has that barber guy’s contact, 2 million naira for him. Davido is not God. Someone just sent me 200k to add to this, this guy will be rich forever.”
Read some comments:
@Gliterz_ said; “That your personal barber, how much you don give am? Weh you the find stranger to support? Those hundry children for street, how many weh you don feed? Clout chaser.”
@sallyewea reacted; “Na still Davido make am get the support because he mentioned him. Na him time.”
@Maltlani50 said; “On Top how much? E no go spend the money again. Talk Is Cheap.”
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