VeryDarkMan Slams Samklef For Dragging Simi And Adekunle Gold

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Controversial activist VeryDarkMan has commented on the recent social media dispute between famous music producer Samklef and singer Adekunle Gold, concerning Gold’s wife, Simi.

The online argument, which unfolded on social media platforms, captured the attention of fans and followers.

The conflict began when Samklef continuously criticized Simi and referred to her as ungrateful.

Known for his candid nature, Samklef was willing to forgive Simi if she apologized but cautioned that he would continue to remind her if she did not.

In response, Adekunle Gold promptly defended his wife, insisting that Samklef refrain from mentioning her name and that she did not owe him anything.

Offering his viewpoint on the matter, VeryDarkMan, in a video shared online, advised Samklef to seek help, hinting that he might require assistance.

He also encouraged Samklef to redirect his criticisms toward men instead of focusing on Simi.

VeryDarkMan stressed the importance for Samklef, who is nearing the age of 40, to alter his approach to avoid persisting on a foolish path.

In the video description, VeryDarkMan conveyed his sincere wishes to Samklef, expressing optimism for his improvement and encouraging him to concentrate on providing constructive criticism towards men instead of singling out individuals like Simi.

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Recall that the Nigerian music producer Samuel Oguachuba also known as Samklef has sparked outrage with his latest statements about Davido’s supposed purchase of a new private plane.

In contrast to Davido’s Twitter statement about his new purchase, Samklef claims that Davido’s father purchased the plane.

Samklef congratulated Davido on his Instagram page, but with a mocking undertone, implying that the credit should go to his father.

In a series of posts, Samklef questioned Davido’s ownership of the jet.

The music producer fueled the fire by claiming that Davido’s father was the genuine owner of the private plane, implying that Davido was unworthy of the credit.

Samklef mocked others who may be envious of Davido’s success, hinting that they will criticize him for coming out.

In his words;

“Congratulations to davido as his dad don buy another private jet! Where una papa Dey when davido papa Dey make money ? 💰

My own papa don die since 1996 I was 11 just incase una wan ask me back the question. 😂

So una papa Dey alive And him mate Dey buy private jet.
Una papa na failed papa o! Una papa wey Dey use him small salary carry olosho for pekers Allen avenue 😂😂 How una see this sub ?
This sub na for the people wey don ever abuse samklef for him page.

Make nobody jealous Davido o! Anything wey davido papa get na davido get am! Na me say make una papa no make am?😂😂😂

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