It’s Not April Fool – Ali Baba Says As He Dedicates His Triplets in Church With His Wife (Photo)

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Nigerian comedian Ali Baba recently celebrated the dedication of his newborn triplets, along with his wife Mary Akpobome, at a church ceremony.

Ali Baba shared this joyful news through videos on his Instagram page, while also clarifying that it was not an “April Fool” prank as some had speculated.

It can be recalled that on April 1, Ali Baba announced the arrival of their triplets on Instagram, which led to mixed reactions and comparisons to the popular ‘April Fool’ tradition.

Humorously, Ali Baba mentioned that the three boys had become part of their family two months prior, and their names were Aaron, Alexander, and Andrew.

He accompanied his post with a caption:

“Mary and I are happy and overjoyed to welcome our three sons, Aaron, Alexander, and Andrew, into the Akpobome family.

“It’s been two months since they arrived, and as the days go by, we thank God Almighty for these three beautiful blessings.

“We also want to thank our sisters, brothers, friends, uncles, and aunties for all the support so far.

“We appreciate and thank you immensely for all your prayers, love, best wishes, and gifts.

“As we celebrate the essence of the resurrection power in this period of Easter, we join our faith with yours and pray that things of joy will never be far from you.

“God will make all that needs to arise in your favour in this holy period of reawakening.

“On behalf of the Akpobomes, again, thank you.”

In a recent update, Medlin Boss, the renowned celebrity stylist, took to her social media platform to share a video confirming the arrival of the triplets.

The joyful video showcased Ali Baba’s wife happily dancing during the baby dedication ceremony.

Along with the video, Medlin Boss added a caption to her post, expressing her excitement.

“Awwww The JOY IS PRICELESS we celebrate the latest Mother OF TRIPLETS IN TOWN. JESUS Has Done It Again what was impossible he made possible.”

Watch video:


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In other news, Nigerian comedian Atunyota Akpobome, also known as Ali Baba, has criticized the tragic execution of 17 Nigerian Army soldiers in Delta, calling it “highly abominable.”

Akpobome, who denounced the conduct in an interview with journalists in Lagos, said the heinous murder of the troops smelt of decaying social values.

According to the comic, the murder of troops demonstrated the country’s lack of moral instruction.

Killing another human being is bad, the killing of anybody who works for an institution, especially an institution like the army that protects the people, is worse

“Overseas, when you are travelling, they (airport authorities) board the military personnel first as well as retired officers.

“What it means is that we need to begin to know our values totally in the country. This is unfortunate.

“You do not respect the military that protects you, you went ahead to then kill them, whatever the reason you have, it is a huge crime.

“You don’t kill a soldier man, you don’t even push him, slap him or resist an arrest. It is a crime,” the comedian, who is also from Delta, said.

He stated that anybody who has been harmed by the actions of any public servants, including the military, is required to gather proof and seek reparation from the appropriate authorities.

Akpobome, on the other hand, urged the Public Complaints Commission, the National Orientation Agency, and other established institutions to calm down emotions and restore public trust.

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