Nollywood Filmmakers Cast Actors Based on Social Media Followers – Actor Uzor Arukwe

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Nigerian actor Uzor Arukwe has made a sad revelation about Nigerian filmmakers.

According to him, there was a time filmmakers cast actors based on their social media followers.

He stated that directors cast performers based on social media followers rather than skill. According to the the ‘A Tribe Called Judah’, the issue was a big problem to him.

He said during the period, filmmakers didn’t care to cast people who are talented in acting. They prioritized followers on social media instead of good acting.

He added that even at that, there were few actors who could act and also had the numbers.

“I remember all so clearly when I started. It was a big problem for me.

“There was a time in this industry when it was mostly about Instagram and Twitter followers, and stuff like that. I didn’t understand it but knew it was something I had to be at peace with, because a production house wants to hire you and they’re looking at your numbers. ‘But can he act?’ That is the question I always ask. But there are some people who are blessed who are fantastic actors who have numbers and they’ve been doing well.” the 40-year-old actor told Pulse in a recent interview.

In other news, Isaac Fayose has sparked a heated debate with his recent statements concerning the mental health of Nigerian Afrobeat artist Wizkid.

In a video that has been widely shared online, Fayose claimed that the popular musician is currently struggling with mental health issues as a result of the challenges he is currently facing.

Wizkid has been at the center of negative attention recently, as he has been involved in public disputes with other artists such as Davido and has made controversial remarks about music executive Don Jazzy.

These conflicts on social media have captured the interest of both fans and the press. Amidst all this drama, Isaac Fayose has made some shocking comments about Wizkid’s mental state.

He mentioned that the death of the artist’s mother has had a significant impact on his mental well-being.

Furthermore, Fayose pointed out that Jada P, Wizkid’s former partner and the mother of one of his children, who had been a strong source of support in various aspects of his life, including his music career, is no longer in the picture.

He stated:

“Wizkid & Jada P have separated. Wizkid is going through serious mental health issues after the burial of his mother.” he said in part

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