Tekno Unfollowed Kizz Daniel Amid Dispute Over Revenue Sharing Allegations

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Tekno has recently taken a step in response to the ongoing saga with Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel by unfollowing him on various social media platforms.

This action comes shortly after Kizz Daniel supposedly unfollowed Tekno, further intensifying the already strained relationship between these two artists.

The entire saga began when reports emerged suggesting that Kizz Daniel had unfollowed Tekno due to a purported post made by Tekno.

The post allegedly disclosed that Kizz Daniel had consented to split 50% of the earnings derived from the track “Buga” with Tekno.

Moreover, it asserted that Kizz Daniel had transferred a significant amount, nearly one billion naira, to Tekno after the triumph of the Buga tour.

Nevertheless, Tekno promptly refuted these allegations, stating that Kizz Daniel’s supposed payment was insufficient and cautioning against the dissemination of fabricated interviews.

This contradiction provoked a reaction from Kizz Daniel, who criticized Tekno’s remarks and advised him to abstain from discussing financial affairs.

Furthermore, Kizz Daniel belittled Tekno by labeling him as a “common mutt” and only giving him a chance to shine in the Buga track.

In response, Tekno retaliated by accusing Kizz Daniel of craving attention and branding him as an insecure egotist. He firmly warned that he would not tolerate being controlled or toyed with.

In other news, Ilebaye Odiniya, the winner of Big Brother Naija ‘All Stars’, expressed her deep appreciation to Multichoice, the organizers of BBNaija, for the significant impact the show had on her life.

The 23-year-old reality TV star, who won the eighth season of the popular reality show, attributed her rise to fame and the numerous opportunities she received to Big Brother.

During the event, IleBaye highlighted her brand and fashion sense, giving credit to her brand, Gen Z Baddie, for her unique style.

She proudly declared herself as her fashion icon. Despite winning the N120 million grand prize, IleBaye revealed that she has not yet spent any of the money.

In a social media post, she addressed rumors about her financial status, clarifying that her choice not to flaunt material possessions does not reflect any financial instability.

She jokingly mentioned that she avoids showcasing luxury items to prevent her followers from unnecessary stress.

In her words;

“Lmaoo! When it comes to being broke, don’t add Ilebaye’s name to that circle girl! lol, brokenness isn’t my portion and I thank God for using Big Brother to have my own money. Because I don’t post doesn’t mean I don’t have.

If I dey post, una for die of hate. I’m saving you guys from unnecessary High BP. I never even touch that 120M yet. Lmao you think it’s by posting designers that make you rich”.

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