Toyin Abraham Clashes With Area Boys On Movie Set

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Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi, a prominent figure in Nollywood, fearlessly confronted disruptive area boys who invaded her movie set, making it clear that she would not tolerate any disruptions to her work.

Amidst a tense confrontation captured on camera, the determined actress stood her ground against the thugs, questioning their authority to disrupt her filming in Lagos.

In the viral footage, she confidently stated that she would not hesitate to take legal action if they damaged her set, showing her determination to protect her work.

In a surprising twist aimed at resolving the situation peacefully, Toyin offered the intruders ₦10,000, but they insisted on a higher amount, appealing to the actress for a more substantial sum.

Watch video:


In other news, Toyin Abraham recently reached out to her fellow actress, Mercy Aigbe, by sharing a heartfelt message on her social media platform.

This gesture came shortly after resolving a conflict with filmmaker Funke Akindele. Despite the competitive nature of the Nollywood industry, Toyin Abraham emphasized the importance of unity and support among colleagues.

In her message, she commended Mercy Aigbe for her hard work and dedication.

She wrote;

“Today, I want to celebrate two people in Nollywood. Events in time past try to make us competitors and we all know how fierce competition can be in the industry.

The competition often lead to people in the industry taking sides thereby creating an ecosystem of competitors and tear-him or her Down syndrome.

Please it is time we celebrate ourselves more rather than compete with ourselves. We need to create an ecosystem of more successful people so we can all have more capability to create more successful people.

@realmercyaigbe,I celebrate the woman that you are becoming. You came to the boxoffice in December as a first-timer, and you proved your mettle. You gave it your all. You have contributed to the story of strong women in Nollywood. You made many women proud.

Thank you for writing a better story for womanhood when the world is busy writing a different narrative about women. You are a bonafide star. If you come to the cinema in December, I owe you one post (Lol, you know I need to sell market o).

Thank you for not making the competition in December negative. May God bless you more. BTW, you are doing a wonderful job on Michelle and Juwon. May God keep you and your family.

With Love T!”

Responding in Toyin’s comment section, Mercy Aigbe wrote:

“Awww my love, thanks 😂It was so fun at the cinemas with you! Anytime i relieve the memory i laugh 😂😂it was a beautiful experience, me selling Malaika you selling

Adaomodaddy to fans who ask for the respective movies😁😂😂 you saying sis, e wo, e sun e je kin taja, me saying Toyin wo customer e niyen ba ya photo😂… Such an EXPERIENCE! I can’t wait! Thanks for making sisterhood what it is!

We all are all Queens and Winners…. December loading😂 You know i gat you always😍😍.”

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