“Lizard Don Mad Again” – Peruzzi Slams Wizkid For Shading Davido

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Peruzzi recently criticized Wizkid for indirectly insulting his boss, Davido, on the X app by comparing him to a lizard.

He wrote;

“Lizard, don Dey run mad again”

postThere is a widespread belief that this criticism is aimed specifically at Wizkid, particularly considering the recent outburst from the ‘Essence’ singer earlier today.

Furthermore, Peruzzi addressed a Wizkid supporter who criticized him for getting involved in the dispute.

The individual, known as Chukwu, stated, “When lions fight, you claim to be one of them.” In response, Peruzzi firmly instructed the fan to cease speaking foolishly and inquired about the identity of this so-called lion.

Remember that earlier today, Wizkid chose to kick off the week with commotion.

During a conversation with his fans, the singer indirectly criticized Davido by sharing a widely circulated video of the ‘Feel’ singer pleading with a woman.

One of the fans requested Wizkid to release his new single. In response, Wizkid instructed the fans to plead with him similarly to how Davido pleaded with the lady if they wanted the song to be released.

Daniel Regha strongly criticized Wizkid for publicly mocking Davido on Twitter. He expressed his disapproval of Wizkid’s behavior, deeming it as immature especially given Wizkid’s age of 33.

 His words:
“Wizkid u are 33 yrs old right now & a father of many children, is this the kinda mindset u wish to teach ur k!ds? U for a fact know how damag!ng that supposed video of Davido begging on his knees was, but still posted it.
For someone who’s often put on a pedestal of maturity, u sure d¤n’t know how to comport urself. Gr¤w-up.
“Wizkid is so mature” fans said, but look at how ch!ldish he’s been acting. From d!srespecting fans to m¤cking Davido just to be in the spotlight.
Using a video that caused a lot of controversy & was aimed to ru!n Davido’s marriage is beyond disgusting. And all for what? To promote an album or project that may end up being a fl¤p? A 33 yrs old ought to have some level of wisdom.”

It is worth noting that Wizkid had recently gone on a mini-rant on X-Platform, formerly known as Twitter. During this rant, he also took the opportunity to criticize Ladipoe, who is signed to the Mavins Record Label.

Ladipoe, in response, took to X-Platform to mock Wizkid’s controversial claim that hip-hop is dead. Shortly after, a fan brought this shade to Wizkid’s attention on the platform.

However, it was clear that Wizkid’s statement was aimed directly at Donjazzy.

Wizkid insinuated that he had never spoken to anyone signed to an influencer, implying that Donjazzy, as a record label manager, was merely an influencer.

In response to this thinly veiled attack, Donjazzy decided to unfollow Wizkid.

Just a few hours ago, Wizkid caused quite a stir on the internet when he shared an awkward video of Davido on Twitter.
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