Daniel Regha Lists The Top Three Nigerian Musicians

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Daniel Regha, a well-known figure in the media, has ignited a discussion among Nigerian music enthusiasts by revealing his top three artists in the country.

Daniel Regha’s choices have sparked controversy, particularly due to Rema’s claim of being one of Nigeria’s top three artists, which Daniel Regha strongly disagreed with.

Renowned for his candidness, Daniel Regha did not hold back as he explained his selections.

Taking the lead in his lineup is Olamide, who is praised for his significant impact on the music scene and a series of chart-topping songs that have dominated the airwaves nationwide.

Interestingly, Burna Boy was noticeably absent from Daniel Regha’s list, a decision that has raised eyebrows among many fans.

In second place, Daniel Regha positioned Davido, citing the artist’s undeniable star power as the reason for his ranking, which has propelled him to the forefront of the industry.

Meanwhile, Wizkid secured the third spot in Daniel Regha’s assessment, with longevity being the primary factor behind his inclusion, considering his extensive career in the music industry.

Daniel Regha’s bold assertions immediately triggered a flood of reactions from netizens, with the majority expressing disagreement with his choices.

Many argued vehemently that Burna Boy deserved a spot on the list, citing his global recognition and groundbreaking achievements in the music realm.

In his words;

Top 3 biggest Nigerian artistes in this era:

Olamide, based on impact & hit songs.

Davido, mostly based on his star-power.

Wizkid, mainly based on longevity.

That’s all. No offense.”

In other news,  Daniel Regha, a well-known social media analyst has raised an alarm that he has been getting death threats for his remarks on X.

In the most recent episode of Rubbin’ Minds, a Channels Television program presented by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the outspoken commentator revealed this.

He said he had to wear a mask when he went out to prevent his enemies on social media from recognizing him in person and carrying out their threats.

He stated:

“Whenever I stepped out of the house, I’m always on nose mask because I don’t know who I am going to meet in public and would be like, ‘Finally, I’ve caught you.’

“I get threats a lot. Of recent, some people told me that they are going to shoot me if they see me in Lagos, Ibadan or Benin. They even put R.I.P emojis, some even put guns and axes. It’s scary sometimes. But I just pray and ask God for protection.”

When asked if he thought of himself as a troll, Regha said,

 “I’m not a troll. Definitely not!”

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