Rapper, Soulja Boy Offers to Buy TikTok

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Soulja Boy, the American rapper, has expressed his desire to purchase the well-known social media application, TikTok.

He becomes the initial individual to showcase interest in acquiring TikTok following the enactment of a foreign aid package by U.S. President Joe Biden.

This law stipulates that the Chinese-owned social media platform will be prohibited in the U.S. if it is not sold within nine months.

Through his social media account, Soulja Boy criticized the new legislation, suggesting that if TikTok is banned by U.S. authorities, they could potentially ban any other application or website in the future.

“I can’t believe yall just gon let them ban TikTok like that. And yall think it’s funny. If they do it to this app they can do it to any app or site. Not cool fr yall will see later,” he wrote.
In another tweet, the rapper joked that he would purchase TikTok.

Soulja Boy wrote:

“How much yall want for TikTok? I’ll buy it. @tiktok_us.”
TikTok has threatened legal action against the new law.

Alex Haurek, an app spokesperson, labeled the measure “unconstitutional” in a statement and promised to “challenge it in court.”

In other news, John Legend, a prominent American celebrity, has labeled former U.S. president Donald Trump as an “unquestionable racist.”

Legend asserted that Trump’s racist behavior was evident long before he assumed the presidency, citing instances where he discriminated against black individuals in his establishments.

Additionally, Legend criticized Trump’s views on race, stating that the Republican candidate for the upcoming presidential elections promotes a belief in racial superiority.

Legend also condemned Trump’s immigration policies, accusing them of being rooted in racism.

“He [Donald Trump] has made it clear throughout his life that he believes black people are inferior. He believes that to his skull, to his bones,” John Legend was quoted on Daily Loud.

“He wouldn’t let us [Black people] live in his buildings back in the day, but also when you hear some of the stray comments he makes, he clearly believes in the genetic hierarchy of humanity and he is racially determined.

“So he is a tried-and-true, dyed in the wool racist. In the core of his being, he is a racist. I don’t want to hear what he has to say about what he has done for black people, he is but done very little for us and he is at his core, truly a racist.

“You even hear what he says about immigration and what countries he wants people to come in from, they are all very white.”

Donald Trump and incumbent Joe Biden of the Democratic Party would face off on November 5th in America’s first rematch election in nearly seven decades. Trump would be running on the Republican Party’s platform.

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