Actor Williams Uchemba Laments About Barely Clothed ladies In The Public Gym

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Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba, has recently disclosed the reason behind his decision to discontinue his visits to the gym.

He expressed that he was constantly being distracted by women dressed in revealing attire at the public gym. Consequently, the actor chose to establish a gym within his residence, to maintain his spiritual path.

However, the married movie star took to social media to publicly implore the women at the gym to dress modestly, to prevent leading men astray.

Uchemba conveyed his disappointment with the increasing prevalence of indecent dressing among female gym-goers, stating that it had reached an alarming level that he could no longer tolerate.

In a video message shared on his Instagram account, he voiced his concerns.

He said, 
“Ladies, should all the men stop coming to the gym? Because your indecent dressing is getting out of hand. It’s becoming appalling. I’m tired.
“Please, try and dress decently to the gym. There are men that are determined to make heaven, please don’t distract us. Everytime one comes to the gym, he is forced to see what he didn’t intend to see.
“You ladies have made up your mind to prevent Nigerian men from going to heaven but it won’t work because I’ve left the gym. I’ve set up a gym in my house because I cannot cope. I want to make heaven.”

In other news, Nigerian actor, Williams Uchemba has faulted a viral video showing some Yahoo boys engaging in a money ritual in a shrine.

According to him, such an act is condemnable and should never be encouraged because it is the fastest route to destroy lives.

In the video, the unknown young men were observed inside a shrine, engaging in rituals to acquire wealth.

Uchemba took to his Instagram and Facebook platforms to publicly denounce the video.

He cautioned that individuals who choose to pursue such illicit paths are ultimately leading themselves toward eternal damnation.

Furthermore, he addressed the skepticism surrounding the authenticity of juju, firmly asserting that it is indeed real and exists as claimed.

He wrote:

“THIS IS THE FASTEST WAY TO DESTROY YOUR LIFE. When you hear the sins of the fathers that is passed down to their children, this is it. These guys are the fathers and they are creating generational curses for their children unborn. In case you are young and looking to follow this path, I have just one thing to say to you, IT WONT END WELL,” he captioned the video.
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