Peggy Ovire Replies To Comment On Her Forcing Freddie Leonard To Marry Her

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A few days ago, the well-known Nigerian actress, Peggy Ovire, sparked a social media uproar with her strong response to allegations of pressuring her husband, actor Freddie Leonard, into marriage.

Cutie Juls recently stirred up the online community with its controversial remarks regarding Peggy and Freddie’s supposed Instagram shade-throwing behavior.

These 2 have been kinda throwing shades at each other..”

The social media post sparked a flurry of comments, with users not just hinting but openly discussing the possibility of a serious conflict between the prominent couple in the Nollywood industry.

A multitude of comments were triggered by the post, as users not only suggested but also actively speculated on the potential existence of a major dispute between the influential duo in Nollywood.

Based on her statement, Freddie appeared to lack genuine interest in marrying Peggy, as she claimed that Peggy had pushed him into it.

Who doesn’t know that when a man is being forced into something, e no dey last….”

In a prompt reply to the trolling comment, Peggy Ovire dismissed the accusations with a self-assured laugh. She confidently stated her value, underscoring that she would never resort to pressuring any man.

Version 1: In a quick reaction to the trolling comment, Peggy Ovire shrugged off the accusations with a confident chuckle. She firmly declared her self-worth, highlighting that she would never lower herself to coercing any man.

Peggy Ovire wrote;

This got me laughing hard, Peggy! Beauty, brain, & her own bag. Forced my husband to marry me, You don’t know me oh, full urhobo girl, stop the hate.

I’m always in my quiet lane, It’s not my fault that your father didn’t teach you how to place value on yourself, I know you still have a crush on him, No vex na, but tearing your fellow woman on socials, is you undermining the power of a quiet woman.”

In other news, Blessing CEO, a Nigerian relationship expert, has claimed that most wives are simply nannies in their houses, babysitting their children while side chicks get all of the benefits.

According to Blessing CEO, one of the most common lies women tell themselves is that a man marries them because he believes they are unique.

The relationship therapist said that many women nowadays are treated like furniture in the home, while their husband’s sidekicks appear voluptuous and sexy.

In her words:

“That when a man marries you, there is something he sees in you. A man does not see anything in you, that’s a big lie, a blatant lie. I’m going to tell you as certified relationship therapist, a lot of wives today are just nannies.

Yes, all you’re doing is babysitting and carrying children to school. Side chics are enjoying the benefits. You just have two big rings in your hand and you just have a miserable title. Some men marry you, keep you as a furniture and you are useless in the house.”

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