Lilian Afegbai Reacts After Being Charged N22K to Loosen Her Cornrows At A Lekki Salon

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Lilian Afegbai, a well-known actress, has criticized a salon in Lekki for charging her N22K to remove her cornrows.

She shared her experience, explaining that she had just finished shooting a film and needed to loosen her hair for the next scene, which required her natural hair.

In a hurry, she visited a salon in Lekki and requested them to quickly remove her cornrows.

However, to her surprise, she was presented with a bill of N22K, far exceeding her expectations of 8 or 10K.

Lilian expressed her disappointment with the exorbitant prices charged by salons in Lekki, cautioning that she and others may protest against such inflated costs.

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Reactions have followed:
munachy2022 remarked: “As u lazy 2 loose common corn row u go pay 22k to loose am na”
classiclozet asked: “Why ddnt u leave? They ddnt force u !I have made corn rows with 25pounds in London b4 . It’s ur location dat determines ur allocation dear”
jumdolfashion said: “If we talk now, they we say poor woman mentality but then again, she spoke well. 22k to loosen Didi olowo 😮”
julliecassie commented: “Everything is so annoyingly overpriced.”
In other news, Bobrisky, the Nigerian crossdresser also known as Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, has appealed against his conviction.It should be noted that he was recently found guilty of naira abuse by a Federal High Court in Lagos. The court had sentenced him to six months in prison without the option of a fine for his involvement in naira abuse on April 12.

In his appeal, which was filed by his lawyer, Deji Adeyanju, Bobrisky requests the appellate court to overturn the six-month prison sentence that was imposed on him.

“Trial Judge erred in law and facts by his imposition of the maximum sentence of months imprisonment terms against the appellant without option of fine contrary to the provisions of Section 416(2) d of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act of 2015 (“ADCJA”) that prescribed the mandatory guidelines on the trial court on imposition of sentencing after criminal conviction of a first time offender as the appellant.”
The appeal therefore “is seeking an order setting aside the six months maximum imprisonment sentence imposed on the appellant and in its place, an imposition of a fine in the sum of N50,000 on each of the counts against the appellant”.

Charly Boy questioned why the EFCC is focusing on Naira abuse instead of more serious crimes. He defended the act of spraying Naira as a cultural tradition that fosters unity among people.

Charly Boy expressed his disappointment with the three-count charge brought against Paschal Okechukwu, also known as Cubana Chief Priest, suggesting that the EFCC should prioritize more important tasks instead of engaging in frivolous actions that only serve to distract the less fortunate in Nigeria.

In a post on Instagram, Charly Boy shared his thoughts on the matter.

He wrote;

“Currently, the attention of Nigerians is being drawn to an issue that has no bearing whatsoever, on the well-being of the ordinary people or the National economy.

“The arrest and arraignment of person or persons spraying the local currency, Naira, at social events is now a f3cking Big deal.”

He continued: “Why focus massive energy, on frivolous, pedestrian, and harmless misdemeanor by people catching fun rather than going after those who use executive powers to steal humongous amounts from the public Treasury with reckless impunity?

“God punish all of una in EFCC, una no go die better. Ur Fathers.

“Seriously my people una think say na the kin work EFCC suppose to dey do?”

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