Bovi Reacts to Bullying of Namtira at Lead British School, Praises Her

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Bovi Ugboma, a well-known comedian, has shared his thoughts on the recent incident involving a Lead British School student who was bullied by her classmates. Namtira Bwala became a victim of bullying, which sparked public outrage.

The video footage shows Maryam Hassan, a female student, repeatedly slapping Namtira on the face in an attempt to intimidate her.

In response to this incident, Bovi Ugboma expressed his happiness and admiration for the fact that there are still well-raised, gentle, humble, and respectful children in Nigeria.

According to him:

“It gives me great joy to know that we still have well raised children in Nigeria. Children who are soft meek and civil. Children who under the deadliest of provocation still keep their calm. Though the girl in question may have been afraid, she didn’t coil, she didn’t whimper. She didn’t beg. I admire her.
“However it is left for the authorities to magnify this abuse and deal with it decisively. It should serve as a warning to orders.
“Also of importance is the need for the bullied girl to go through some counseling so that every impending trauma is squashed before it develops. As id always say, we can only give what we were given. This is how monsters are created. No child was born violent.
“Lastly, I saw the video of the relative who slapped the bully. She acted in fury, but by the definition of law, she acted in retaliation. While I understand the outrage and her anger, let’s not forget that these are the issues. Slapping somebody across the face is a no no. Nothing civil about it. We must start to preach this across board and we must emphasize the criminality of jungle justice.”
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In other news, Cynthia Morgan, also known as Madrina, a Nigerian dancehall singer, recently shared her thoughts on Facebook through her Instagram story.She expressed her observation that the platform is filled with individuals who she described as witches and wizards spreading nonsensical prophecies.

Referencing the recent death of Junior Pope, she highlighted the irony of people not showing support when he passed away, yet now engaging in prophesying activities.

Morgan emphasized the importance of not taking the grace of Jesus Christ for granted, concluding with a message of faith that His name will ultimately be glorified.

She stated:

“Facebook is filled with different witches and wizards prophesying rubbish. But when he died none of you went to the morgue to lay hands on him to see if he would come back. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is being taken for granted. God will be praised in the end”.

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