Nina Ivy Reveals She Nearly Named Her Son After Her Ex “Miracle”

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Nina Ivy, a former BBNaija reality star and media personality, recently revealed details about her challenging pregnancy and the remarkable delivery of her son.

She bravely shared that the difficulties she encountered made her contemplate naming her son after her ex-partner, Miracle.

Looking back on the tough times, Nina Ivy described the strenuous process she endured when her son was born prematurely.

Nina Ivy disclosed that her son was born prematurely at six months gestation, weighing only 2 pounds.

The seriousness of the situation was heightened by Nina Ivy’s health complications, as she fell into a coma for a fortnight after giving birth.

Throughout this crucial time, medical professionals conveyed to Nina Ivy’s family that her survival odds were unclear, standing at a mere 50-50 chance.

During this time, her son, Denzel, struggled for survival in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for a challenging four months.

Nina Ivy recounted the traumatic experience of being connected to life support machines and ventilators while she fought for her life.

Despite the difficult circumstances, she miraculously woke up from the coma after a fortnight, only to receive the incredible news of her son’s survival.

Looking back on the ordeal, Nina Ivy considered naming her son Miracle as a symbol of the extraordinary events surrounding his birth.

However, she ultimately decided against it, concerned about potential criticism and online harassment linked to her involvement in the Big Brother Niger controversy.

This disclosure follows shortly after Nina Ivy posted a video of her now four-year-old son, celebrating his strength and development.

In other news, Etinosa Idemudia, a prominent Nollywood actress, has proposed that abortion should be considered a viable option due to the prevalence of hungry and innocent children in the world.

In a recent post on her social media platform, she raised the question of whether it is more compassionate for a woman to terminate a pregnancy rather than subject a child to a life of prolonged suffering.

Etinosa Idemudia expressed her bewilderment at society’s strong opposition to terminating pregnancies, particularly considering the lack of discipline in using contraceptives by many individuals.

She argued that families living in poverty and bringing children into such circumstances should face legal consequences, emphasizing that if she were in the position of the child, she would find it difficult to forgive such parents.

She wrote;

With all the hungry Innocent children who are suffering all around, are we still against abortion? Isn’t abortion better than life long suffering? They never asked to be born into all this hardship. If your own future is not sure why bring an innocent person to life.

“You are not discipline enough to use condom so in your selfishness you get your wife pregnant with the 5th child no house no tangible source of income. Bringing that child into the world should be a crime. If I’m that child I’ll never forgive you.

“You will now hear things like “oh my sweet mother suffered for me. The hustle is for Mama. Her sacrifices made me who I am today. She went hungry so I can eat”… I don’t understand. She no see say food no dey before she born you? She is responsible for you! fam! they owe you!!”

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