I Am Willing to Appear in Court, But Afraid of Arrest – Yahaya Bello

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The former governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, has conveyed his readiness to attend court proceedings. Nevertheless, he has expressed concerns about the possibility of being arrested.

Bello has affirmed his preparedness to present himself at the Federal High Court in Abuja concerning the 19-count indictment brought against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Adeola Adedipe, SAN, a member of his legal team, stated that Bello would have already appeared in court if not for his apprehension of being detained.

He said: 
“The defendant wants to come to court but he is afraid that there is an order of arrest hanging on his head.”

Adedipe pleaded with the court to rescind the ex parte arrest order that had been previously imposed on the former governor.

Adedipe contended that his client had not been properly served with the charge as mandated by law when the arrest warrant was issued.

He highlighted that it was only during the proceedings on Tuesday that the court approved the alternative method of serving the charge to the defendant, via his legal representative.

“As at the time the warrant was issued, the order for substituted service had not been made. That order was just made this morning.
“A warrant of arrest should not be hanging on his neck when we leave this court,” counsel to the defendant added.

Recall that Yahaya Bello, the former Governor of Kogi State, was being monitored by the Federal Government. In a recent video released by Very Dark Man, he begins by stating that the EFCC denies any knowledge of Yahaya Bello’s location, despite allegations of embezzling billions of Naira.

He further highlights the ease with which the EFCC apprehends Yahoo boys who steal relatively small amounts, such as $50, contrasting it with their apparent difficulty in locating Yahaya Bello, who is accused of pilfering vast sums of the nation’s wealth.

He continued by stating that the stolen money by Yahaya Bello could have been used to improve the living conditions in Kogi State, which is currently one of the poorest states in Nigeria.

Very Dark Man also mentioned that Nigerians who are hoping for Yahaya Bello to face consequences will be disappointed, as he could easily evade the law by paying a bail fine as low as fifty million Naira.

Drawing a parallel, he brought up the case of former CBN Governor, Godwin Emefeile, who was able to secure bail with a fine of fifty million Naira despite being accused of embezzling large sums of money.

The activist emphasized that being granted bail does not signify the end of a legal case, but due to the weak justice system in Nigeria, it may as well be considered as such.

To illustrate the contrast in legal consequences, Very Dark Man highlighted the case of a Chinese politician who was executed for stealing over forty million dollars.

Very Dark Man once again raised concerns about the EFCC, stating that they had surrounded his residence in Abuja and warned that they would have to face the military if they attempted to arrest him. This suggests that the EFCC is aware of Yahaya Bello’s whereabouts and is possibly afraid of a confrontation with the military.

Regarding youth in leadership, Very Dark Man expressed his initial happiness when Yahaya Bello was elected as Governor, but ultimately felt disappointed as Bello failed to fulfill his duties, resulting in Kogi State being plunged into extreme poverty.

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