“Facebook Is Filled With Different Witches And Wizards Prophesying Rubbish” – Cynthia Morgan

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Cynthia Morgan, also known as Madrina, a Nigerian dancehall singer, recently shared her thoughts on Facebook through her Instagram story.

She expressed her observation that the platform is filled with individuals who she described as witches and wizards spreading nonsensical prophecies.

Referencing the recent death of Junior Pope, she highlighted the irony of people not showing support when he passed away, yet now engaging in prophesying activities.

Morgan emphasized the importance of not taking the grace of Jesus Christ for granted, concluding with a message of faith that His name will ultimately be glorified.

She stated:

“Facebook is filled with different witches and wizards prophesying rubbish. But when he died none of you went to the morgue to lay hands on him to see if he would come back. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is being taken for granted. God will be praised in the end”.

Cynthia Morgan Facebook

The singer, popularly called Madrina, spoke candidly about her experience with s3xual harassment in the music industry.

Cynthia Morgan stated that she had never been subjected to such harassment because of her tomboyish temperament and forceful way of dealing with others.

According to her, some people in the industry were also afraid of her.

She highlighted her dissatisfaction with the reality of most Nigerian female artists and how it hinders their quest for success in the music industry.

Cynthia Morgan expressed her support for fellow singer Yemi Alade and others in the business, asking them to stay strong. She expressed her hope that spiritual intervention would lead them through the difficulties they encounter.

In her words:

“When I tell people I never witnessed s3xual harassment in the music industry they are always surprised. Firstly, in real life, I was a tomboy and secondly, I always use to threaten people on how I will import people from Benin to fuck everybody up. Them they fear me for that Lagos.

It’s just so sad how being feminine and wanting to be successful makes you a prey. I really pray for a better Nigeria/world.
Stay tough.
God will see us through”.

Cynthia Morgan made it plain that just because she is silent does not imply she is a fool, pointing out that Jude Psquare has yet to give her ‘her’ royalties on her intellectual rights.

The dancehall diva further stated that she wants him to understand that he has valued God’s hand and is playing a deadly game.

She wrote:

“I got signed to Jude in October 2013 and this car was given to me in the last quarter of 2015 on “mortgage” As you can see I posted the car on my Instagram on the 5th of January 2016 and that was because they had to spray paint the car and all.

Jude claims I owe him money that I didn’t make him a dime while I was with his label.

Coke studio alone paid me 5 million naira in 2016 and if I didn’t play shows for Star Trek during 2014/16 I played about 11 shows and I was never paid less than a million for each performance @judeengees and I am only saying these cause they are names brands. And what about my royalties on my intellectual properties. To date I haven’t seen a dime.

I keep quiet no mean say I be mumu.
But I want make you know say you don prize for God’s hand and you are playing a dangerous game”.

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