Any Man Who Shares Towel or Duvet With His Wife Can Never Prosper – Nigerian Spiritualist Claims

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A cautionary message has been delivered by a spiritualist from Nigeria to couples.

According to a widely circulated video, he asserted that any man who shares a towel and duvet with his wife will never achieve success.

The spiritualist, speaking in Yoruba, conveyed this warning in an online video.

He stated:

‘’Every man praying for progress in life must not use the towel and duvet his wife uses. If you use the same towel or duvet with your wife, your blessings will keep depleting.
A man should have his own towel while his wife is also to have his own towel. Sharing of towels between a man and his wife and even between friends is dangerous.
If you are travelling, take your own towel along, In your house, have your own towel while your wife should have her own towel. It is bad for a man to use the same towel a woman uses to clean her body. It attracts retrogression for such men”

Watch video:

Read some comments below:

Therealtijaduno1 wrote: Where una dey see all these little-brained, stack illiterate alfa sef?
Tandtnicefeet penned: Ona go soon run mad for this app
Lamb_of_god_luxury_hairs said: Haaa is that why we never buy private Jet 😂😂😂😂
Dapsytheubender said: Hygiene-wise, I agree, but that spiritual angle is utterly ridiculous and simply laughable.
Minjoechristian wrote: Had it been you be Dangote or Otedola we for reason this your advice. As e be like this we don even share boxers join 🙄
Uchechi wrote: Shay me wey my wife Dey wear my clothes even boxers and we use the same brush at times 🤣 Dey play my fans
Jaydumebijo penned: God everything ….ogha parkwell ….my wife and I forlife …all these people just need attention
Arc.esther_estee said: My parents did amazingly well!! And their kids are doing amazingly well too!! All thanks to our maker. Next time don’t dig in your nose 👃 while addressing what you can’t phantom.
Barcadini said: Okay, are there exceptions, where do we classify the men who are successful and share all with their women?
Davidhanniel wrote: U still dey learn work from Ogogo…u never get that finger raising well
Adeolaalabi said: Mr speaker sir. I’m typing this from under the same duvet that my wife is. I can assure you though that I’m making more money with my eyes shut under that same duvet than you’re making creating rubbish content 😂. Talk about hygiene for reason to not share towel then I would think you have a point. Wetin be Ishe 4 is now 2 when you share towel with your wife 😂😂😂
Joyuzoaku wrote: So we shouldn’t share towel or duvet but you will advise couples to be intimate and exchange bodily fluid…Mr Spiritualist if you don’t get out of my face…
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