Yul Edochie Celebrates His Second Son With Judy Austin As He Turns One Today April 22

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Nigerian movie actor and filmmaker, Yul Edochie, along with his partner, Judy Austin, have proudly introduced their second son to the public.

Today, as they celebrate his birthday, they have shared delightful pictures of their charming one-year-old. They also revealed that their son has been named after his two grandfathers, Pete Ndubuisi Yul-Edochie.

Yul Edochie expressed his gratitude and invited his fans and supporters to join in their joyous celebration. In his heartfelt message, he showered his son with blessings and prayers.

Celebrating his son’s special day, he wrote:
It’s time to grant the world the privilege to meet our son.
From Isi Mmili Ji Ofor & Ijele Isi Mmili @judyaustin1
His name is Pete Ndubuisi Yul-Edochie.
Named after his two grand fathers.
Rejoice with us as he turns 1yr old.
Happy birthday, son.
You shall be 10 times greater than your parents.
May God lead you always & may your ancestors stand by you solidly.


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In other news, Yul Edochie, a controversial Nollywood actor and former presidential candidate, has continued to express his support for President Tinubu. He took to his Instagram to share an image of himself wearing an outfit with the President’s face, telling his fans and followers that Tinubu would fix the country.

According to him, the country is not in the greatest condition right now, but he believes everything will be OK.

He remarked that he believes everything will be great and trusts the President and his ability to heal the country. As so, he would continue to pray for his success.

Yul declared his entire support for President Tinubu, stating that there would be no departure or transfer of his support for him.

He wrote:

“Our country is not in the best situation at the moment.
But all will be well.
I believe everything will be fine.
I believe in President Tinubu. @officialasiwajubat
I believe he has the capacity to fix Nigeria and I’ll keep praying for him to succeed.
He has my support, 100%.
No leave no transfer.
God bless Nigeria”.

Yul’s support for the President is unsurprising given that he was one of the few who praised him and prayed for his term after his victory.

Last year, he took his admiration for Tinubu a step further by renaming himself Asiwaju Baby and wearing a Tinubu-inspired attire – a native shirt with the President’s face on it.

In a recent podcast, he expressed his thoughts about how others perceive him. He remarked that, after being continually dragged for more than two years, he was still thriving and performing far better than the majority of his coworkers.

He went on to say that he seldom sees hostile remarks since he is rarely online.

In his words:

I’m doing better than most if not all of my colleagues trolling me”

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