Pretty Mike Declares Portable ‘Man Of The Year,’ And Criticizes People Who Insult Him

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Nigerian socialite Pretty Mike has praised singer Portable as the “Man of the Year,” while condemning those who consistently criticize the artist’s character.

Pretty Mike’s post, featuring Portable and his wife Bewaji, highlighted Portable as the standout individual of the year. Pretty Mike directly addressed the singer’s detractors, especially those who criticize him for his perceived roughness and question his appeal to women.

Pretty Mike defended Portable by stating that what truly matters is a man’s ability to provide for his family, which will always be attractive to women regardless of their outward appearance.

He stressed that Portable’s commitment to supporting his family, including covering rent, school fees, and other essentials for three women, distinguishes him from those who may seem more polished but fail to fulfill their familial responsibilities.

In his words;

 “I see many people insult Portable; they said he is too loud, he looks dirty he needs to go for full body scrub, they wonder what those women are doing with him bla bla bla The fact is that a responsible man who provides for his family will always be attractive to women.

If you like be the finest, cleanest guy with a mad stroke game if you are a deadbeat Portable will collect your babe and impregnate her Portable is probably paying house rent, school fees, food and taking care of 3 women but you are still asking your wife to bring half of house rent and other bills and you are insulting Portable Portable is not your mate o.

I am not promoting polygamy before all of you say “ashewo don drop quote” I am just explaining the mystery behind why many women will rather be with a man like Portable and you with your Queen’s English cannot find a woman to stay with you. May you hug this common sense in Jesus name.”

In other news, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, a singer known for his controversial nature, has made a statement alleging that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is planning to arrest him on charges of Naira abuse.

Portable, who is currently residing abroad, has claimed that once he returns to Nigeria, the operatives of the anti-corruption agency will apprehend him.

The artist, famous for his song ‘Zazu’, recently appealed to the EFCC to forgive him if they possess any evidence of him misusing the Naira.

He now believes that he is being targeted due to the request made by self-proclaimed social media activist, VeryDarkMan, urging the agency to take action against Portable for his alleged Naira abuse.

During a recent Instagram live session with his fans, Portable expressed his thoughts on the matter.

Portable said:

 “I am scared. The EFCC is planning to arrest me when I return to Nigeria because VeryDarkMan name-dropped me.

“VeryDarkMan abi VeryDarkBrain, you talk too much. Leave talk for people who have something reasonable to say.

Are you a law enforcement officer? Your opinions on public affairs are for people in the law enforcement agencies.

When you were arrested it was Nigerians who begged for your freedom. When you came out, you were lean; all your muscles disappeared.

“And now you’re bragging. Leave talk for people who are sensible. You talk about women, politics, everything. What do you do for a living? Tok tok.”

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