“They Tried To Kill Me, It Didn’t Work” – Nickie Dabarbie Reveals More Scary Things As She Drags Singer Skiibii

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Nickie Dabarbie and Skiibii’s ongoing drama shows no signs of ending soon, with the influencer recently revealing more details about the situation.

In a recent social media update, Nickie Dabarbie expressed gratitude for God’s intervention in her life, stating the following;

“I’ve never spoken in tounges in my life Holy Spirit is real God is real God saved my life He knows I’m not a bad girl.. that’s why he spared me,

He’s just teaching me a lesson to never deviate from the church because the devil is trying hard to spoil the church and make people believe crap.

I’ve been doubting the existence of God and this is just a way for God to use me for his works. Witches and wizards are all real I saw a lot of things”

Nickie dabarbie talks about how God saved her from Skiibii’s hands.

She proceeded to explain the rationale behind her preference for working independently and her limited collaborations with fellow influencers, all the while sharing additional details about her interaction with Skiibii.

“People always say “oh Nickie you are so proud you don’t go out, you don’t collaborate. I just don’t know what made me go there.. On the boat cruise I was forced to take alcohol People around know I don’t smoke and drink.

After that drink I just started liking him.. God said I’ll be the last girl they’ll ever do that to I’m not the first or the second…. plenty girls did not escape this It really shocked all of them and I heard a voice that said.….

The God you serve can not save your life! Then I told him to repent and he said He has no reason to repent cause my God is powerless Skiibii said Alhamdulilah’ before he gave me an infused COFFE to drink”

Nickie dabarbie talks about why she rarely goes out, and how Skiibii performed an incantation on her drink.

Nickie Dabarbie also stated her concern about being held captive, saying:

“They might arrest me for this or whatever They have tried to take my greatness.. It didnt
work.. they tried to kill me, it didn’t work.. you needed to see the startle on their faces.. Literally all the people that live in rile ilasan is in this same cult…. I saw my stars leaving and returning back to me after I spoke in tongues..,But God already assured me that He’ll protect me..”

Nicki dabarbie shares that she may be arrested because of the things she said about Skiibii.

Finally, Nicki Dabarbie revealed something terrifying when she mentioned a particular influencer who was slain.

This is what she wrote:

“There is one popular dark skinned influencer that have died this exact way First they tell you they like you and love you.. drug you and use for
ritual. Then make people think you’re a maniac or mentally disabled patient… T

hey’ll be so shocked that I still remember all of this..

They tried to erase my memories with incantations but it didn’t work Then they took me to a weird hospital in osapa (first city hospital) where I was the only patient meanwhile they all work
together.. they stiched my wounds and injected me with a substance that will dehydrate me”

Nickie dabarbie talks about an influencer that was killed.

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