Pastor Ibiyeomie Accused Of Requesting 20% Of His Church Members Salary As An Offering (Video)

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Onyinyechi Blossom, a Nigerian woman, has caused quite a stir in the online world with her bold criticisms of David Ibiyeomie, a well-known pastor at Salvation Ministries.

Blossom took to social media to share a controversial video of Pastor Ibiyeomie addressing his congregation, where he outlined the specific amount of money they should give as tithes and offerings.

In the video, Pastor Ibiyeomie confidently stated that his followers should contribute a significant 20% of their monthly salaries as their obligatory church offering.

During his viral sermon, Pastor Ibiyeomie also emphasized that the amount given as offerings should surpass the amount given as tithes by his church members.

In her scathing response, Onyinyechi launched a fierce attack on Pastor Ibiyeomie, accusing him of being a deceitful individual hiding behind the facade of a religious leader.

Expanding on her critique, Blossom did not hold back, asserting that the pastor’s actions demonstrated a complete lack of compassion and moral integrity.

Watch video:

The video sparked a wave of outrage on social media, as numerous individuals united in support of Onyinyechi, denouncing Pastor Ibiyeomie for his bold expectations from his followers.

Recall that Nigerian actor, Emeka Amakaeze reacted after the founder of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye prayed that other church members from other denominations bow to members of his church.

The statement has since caused a serious controversy online.

In widely shared video footage from the church’s 2021 youth conference, Adeboye is seen conducting a strong prayer.

His words were:

“I decree in the name that is above every other name, Christians from other denominations will bow before you”.

Reacting to the controversial prayer, Emeka Amakaeze, a popular Nollywood actor, expressed his dismay over the clergyman’s prayer.

According to him, despite the numerous afflictions hitting the country, the Christians in the video appeared to be focused on joyfully chanting loud amens to Adeboye’s appeal for other Christians to bend before them.

Amakaeze addressed critical difficulties in society, including famine, kidnappings, and terrorist operations, implying that these urgent matters demanded more attention and action.

Emeka Amakaeze wrote:

Upon all the hardship in Naija, Christians are shouting thunderous Amen to other Christians bowing before them.

Hunger, kidnappers and terrorists can finish you as long as other Christians bow before you. O dị mma.

A Zimbabwean-British pastor also revealed his plan to teach people how to perform miracles.

According to him, for a mere £999, he will take interested individuals on a course on how to perform miracles. The pastor turned to Facebook to disseminate the ad and encourage everyone to register since places were filling up.

He wrote:

“Register now and Learn how to perform signs miracles and wonders, online, directly from Prophet Uebert Angel. Places are filling fast.” 
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