Junior Pope’s And Others’ Deaths in Boat Mishap Are Unimaginable – Nancy Isime

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Actress and television presenter Nancy Isime expressed her grief on Instagram over the tragic loss of actor Junior Pope.

It is worth mentioning that Junior Pope, along with four others, lost their lives in a boat accident on the Anam River after completing a film shoot.

Nancy shared her disbelief at their untimely demise, comparing it to the plot of a horror movie.

In her heartfelt post,

She wrote:

“Phew! Last week was tough mehn! The tragedy that hit Nollywood was something I couldn’t even imagine! Felt like a horror movie
script. Hit me a little hard because I had filmed with one of the victims not too long ago. 
“Pardon me but I won’t be calling names, going into details or posting pictures. If you don’t know about the disaster, good for you. Trust me!
It’s SO Sad! I however have a policy to not announce people’s tragedies. It’s not my place. Especially if I barely talked about their Victories. They have families who deserve the right to tell the story how they please, if and how they want to.
“Praying that God wraps his arms around their families SO tight! So tight that they feel a kind of peace that they can’t even explain. I lost my mum donkey years ago and it still hurts like she just left the house yesterday, so I know asking God to take away the pain is a Lie. 
“My prayer is that God helps them deal with their pain in a way that it doesn’t get in the way of their daily lives, and that he preserves their mental health, their hearts and their spirit. May he give them some kind of closure.
“Love your loved ones a lot more Don’t postpone tomorrow what you can do today. This moment is what we’re promised. Make Kindness the template of your Life Wishing you a truly fulfilling journey as you navigate your way through Life. I LOVE YOU.”
Meanwhile, The Association of Movie Producers (AMP) has decided to suspend Adanma Luke with immediate effect.Luke, who is the producer of an upcoming movie that the late actor Junior Pope was set to star in before his tragic death in a boat accident, has been asked to halt all work until the investigations are completed.

Junior Pope passed away on April 10 after falling into the River Niger in Asaba, Delta state while on his way to a movie set.

AMP’s national president, Blessing Ebigieson, revealed that a committee has been established to look into the circumstances surrounding Pope’s death and that of the other individuals involved in the incident.

The nine-member committee will delve into the events that led to the tragedy. AMP expressed its condolences to the families of those affected by the boat accident.

“The news of the boat mishap got to us as a rude shock without comprehension,” the statement reads.
“Following this tragic incident, AMP has set up a nine-man committee to investigate all activities that led to the death of these practitioners on the set of the movie, Another side of Life!
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