The Real Reason Why Women Cheat In Marriage – Blessing CEO Reveals (Video)

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Blessing Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, a self-proclaimed relationship expert, has put forth a fresh assertion why women cheat in marriage.

In her own words, Blessing CEO believes the primary reason why most women engage in infidelity within their marriages is due to their irresponsible partners.

In the most recent installment of her television program, Moments With Blessing CEO, Okoro made this statement.

She strongly advises men to attain financial stability and exhibit responsibility to prevent their spouses from straying.

She stated:

“As a man, you have to get a job. How would you leave responsibilities for a woman for 9years and you’re expecting her not to sleep around?” she remarked.

In other news, relationship therapist Blessing Okoro, known popularly as Blessing CEO has a new message for her followers.

She said that she does not force her views or thoughts on others, especially when it comes to relationship-related conversations.

In an interview with Punch, she stated:

“There is nothing I say that is wrong or right. People have different beliefs.

“I don’t force anyone to accept my opinions. It is not about what I am saying; it is about who they are seeing in what I am saying. When people are seeing their reflection, they don’t like who is holding the mirror. Not everything I say is for everyone. People should pick what they want and leave.”

Okoro noted that she is a compassionate person who dislikes hurting others.

According to her:

 “I don’t like to offend people, except when I do something that I don’t know about. I am a very careful person.

“I don’t look for trouble, but when people come for me, mine is ‘louder’. I have empathy but I have built walls around , and would not take disrespect.”

Okoro, who is about to launch her TV program, ‘Moments with Blessing CEO’, stated that becoming a TV presenter has always been her passion.

She said she walked out of her marriage due to domestic abuse, not adultery. She believes that infidelity is not a sufficient basis for divorce.

She stated this on the first episode of her television show, Moments with Blessing CEO.

She said:

“I left my marriage because of domestic violence, my husband is not a cheat. Sometimes we women have to accept we are the problem.”

“Cheating shouldn’t make you leave your marriage, the same way you hide a DNA result, keep it a secret if your husband is cheating.”Blessing CEO added, 

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