Sheggz Reveals The ‘Crazy’ Thing He Can Do For His Woman If He Offends Her (Video)

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Sheggz, a former contestant on Big Brother Naija reality show has expressed willingness to go to great lengths to ensure his partner’s happiness.

Sheggz noted that he’s ready to kneel in public to apologize to his girlfriend if that would make her happy.

During a recent radio interview with Clout Africa, Sheggz opened up about his past as someone who was deceitful and manipulative in relationships.

He emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions and being genuinely remorseful when mistakes are made.

Sheggz said:

 “I can kneel and beg. In my own house, in my yard, who is seeing me? I can even kneel in front of people on the road, I don’t care, if you are that deserving. If you are not that deserving, I am not gonna do that.
But if I feel like I’ve made a mistake and losing you is because of my mistake then I am gonna apologise. I am gonna fight for it, that’s a real man. If you can’t do that for your woman then I don’t really know what you are on.”
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In other news, Doyin David, a Naija Star, has revealed her dating preferences, declaring that she would never date another famous person.

Doyin, who rose to fame after appearing on the reality TV program and is also a medical radiographer, expressed her sentiments in a recent interview with Hip TV.

She stressed that she has always preferred to date men in the corporate sphere.

She ascribed this tendency to her prior experiences and the steadiness she found in relationships outside of the spotlight.

The reality television actress revealed that she has been in a relationship with her present boyfriend for about a decade.

Doyin stated a desire for seclusion about her personal life and family.

In her words:

“I don’t see myself dating somebody in the limelight. All my life, I’ve always dated men in the corporate world. Those are the men I met; maybe it is because of what my life was like before. I have known my current partner for like 10 years.

“I don’t just see myself dating someone in the limelight. I don’t want my family out there. Let me be out there. But I want to go back home to some sanity. I’m submissive to my partner even now that we are not married.

“I believe that two people cannot lead a successful relationship. They will clash. One person has to be more agreeable. That’s why I keep saying a woman’s most important job is choosing the right man to lead her.”

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