“You Should’ve Made Provision For Life Jackets” – Hilda Dokubo Tells Movie Producer Adanma Luke

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Actress Hilda Dokubo has shared her perspective on the untimely passing of Junior Pope. In an Instagram post, she emphasized that his death could have been prevented if life jackets had been provided for everyone involved.

Dokubo specifically called out movie producer Adanma Luke for not ensuring the safety of all the actors.

It is important to note that Adanma Luke, the movie producer, recently broke her silence about the incident.

In an Instagram post two days ago, she expressed her deep sorrow and devastation over the unfortunate incident.

Luke revealed that she feels immense guilt for returning to Asaba and blames herself for what happened.

She also mentioned that life jackets were available for Junior Pope, but he and others rejected them. Additionally, Luke mentioned that she was supposed to be on the boat as well.

These statements shed light on the different perspectives surrounding the incident and highlight the need for safety precautions in such situations.

She stated:

Some deaths are avoidable! It is time to put actors welfare on the table! It is time to save the lives of those still alive.

It’s important to practice in a safe and secured environment. There must be travel rules.., haba! Five persons one day?

Then water spirits, native doctors, mermaid worshippers and all other kinds of craziness!

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Following the passing of actor, Junior Pope, a Nigerian man has come forward with information regarding the traditional rites that must be performed for his burial.

He mentioned that an amount ranging from N30 to N40 million is required for these rites to be conducted away from the river.

The man shared these details during a live video on Instagram, explaining that it is customary for individuals who have lost their lives near bodies of water.

He emphasized that when someone drowns, the river spirits have a claim to the body, and if the family chooses to bury the deceased elsewhere, there may be repercussions.

Despite the possibility of appeasing the river spirits, he cautioned that it does not guarantee complete protection from potential risks.

An eyewitness present at the accident site confirmed that Junior Pope’s family was aware of these customs and opted not to bury him by the river.

Fortunately, the river community did not cause any disturbances or attempt to reclaim the body but rather informed the family about the potential consequences of their decision.

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