Why Zubby Michael Won’t Dare Mourn Junior Pope – Actress Angela Okorie

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Angela Okorie, a well-known Nigerian actress, has responded to the criticism directed at her colleague, Zubby Michaels, for not publicly mourning the death of Jnr Pope, who tragically passed away in a boat accident.

Okorie has expressed her opinion on the matter, shedding light on why Michaels may not feel comfortable openly grieving for his senior colleague.

In her statement, Okorie has claimed that Michaels has always been driven by a sense of competition within the industry, often undermining relationships in his pursuit of being the best.

Furthermore, she has pointed out that Michaels was never close to, nor on the same level as, the late actor, yet he failed to acknowledge the hierarchy within the movie industry.

Okorie shared these thoughts in the comment section of a blog post.

She said:

“Dem no born am well to post Junior pop, he knows why he is running, nollywood knows his story with Junior pop, Nigga be fighting every1 cos he wanna be number 1 of nollywood, mind you Junior pop na zubby Oga,” she wrote.


In a statement on his Instagram page on Thursday, Stanley criticized Nollywood producers, labeling them as the worst in the entertainment industry, particularly those in Asabawood.

He pointed out their tendency to underpay and mistreat movie cast and crew, warning that actors who voice their concerns on set are quickly blacklisted.

He wrote:

Arrest the producer. Arrest the boat driver. Nollywood producers are the worst part of producers in the entertainment. They like managing funds on cast and crew.

“If you complain too much on set, you will be blacklisted immediately. Nollywood; no love for one another, especially Asabawood.”

Rollas, in a statement released on Thursday, made it known that the movie being filmed was indefinitely suspended following the tragic incident.

Additionally, he imposed a ban on actors working with Adamma Luke as a producer until further notice. Furthermore, Rollas announced the indefinite suspension of any film that involves riverine areas and boat riding.

Rollas said:

“Following the tragic incident of boat mishap that claimed the life of Mr John Paul Odonwodo aka Junior Pope and four other crew members at waterside of River Niger Cable point Asaba on 10th of April 2024 on a movie set titled “The other side of Life” produced by Adamma Luke.

“The Leadership of the Guild has taken the following decisions: All Films that involve riverine areas and boat riding are hereby suspended indefinitely. No Shoot on all locations Nationwide on Thursday 11th April 2024.

“The film titled “Another side of Life” is suspended indefinitely. No actor is allowed to work with Adamma Luke as a producer till further notice. While we keep searching for the bodies of the remaining persons, may their souls rest in peace.”

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