“Tell Your Father To Apologize” – Netizens Flock To Pst Enenche’s Daughter’s Page

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A recent video featuring the senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja, Paul Enenche, and a church member has sparked controversy online.

In the video, Enenche questioned the credibility of the church member’s testimony during a church service. The woman, identified as Anyim Vera, claimed to have graduated with a “BSc in Law” from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), but Enenche interrupted her and accused her of lying.

He mentioned that she did not sound like a Law graduate based on her speech. However, after the video went viral, some netizens investigated the woman’s Facebook page and found photos confirming her graduation from NOUN.

As a result, some netizens have flooded the Instagram page of the cleric’s daughter, Deborah, urging her to persuade her father to apologize to the publicly embarrassed church member.

The video:

Read some comments below:

levitating: “Tell your fada to apologize to that lady.”

mynaija2canadastory: “Go and tell your father to apologize to the lady he humiliated. God is love, what he displayed was not love.”

gracey_doe: “Your father needs to Apologise , he was very rude to that lady. She actuallygraduated as a lawyer. I get it , she has poor communication skills. But that was rude.”

mary_echendu: “Tell your father to publicly apologize to the lady he humiliated and belittled publicly! She infact graduated.. she had stage fright ! He cannot look down on a human being that breathes same oxygen as him ,even Jesus Christ listened to his disciples .. nobody is a Christian more than the other, every human being is equal before God !”

Recall that Dr. Paul Enenche, the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, faced criticism on social media following a video where he accused a woman, Anyim Vera, of fabricating her testimony.

Vera had gone up to the altar at the well-known church in Abuja to share her story on Sunday, claiming to be the first graduate in her family with a degree in Law.

“I’m the first graduate in my family. My siblings did not get into tertiary institutions due to some reasons. I was supposed to study Law for five years at the National Open University of Nigeria. However, I encountered some challenges that made me have an extra year,” she
In response to her testimony, Enenche openly highlighted that there is no recognized degree titled B.Sc in Law, thereby raising skepticism towards her statement.
The pastor promptly requested her to resume her seat, cautioning individuals against deceiving others by speaking falsely from the sacred altar.
“So the testimony is a lie. Is that how lawyers speak English? When she started that testimony, I knew there was something wrong,” he said.
Nevertheless, Vera’s graduation pictures and official documentation have surfaced as concrete evidence of her testimony.
This revelation has ignited a significant amount of public anger, leading numerous Nigerians to call for a public apology from Pastor Enenche and the church.
Philux Ibrahim expressed his discontent on Facebook, stating:
We stand by this woman and the church needs to apologize on the same stage for the embarrassing moment they caused her. Congratulations ma’am. Make una appreciate God for una house and professors help una but una say no oo na church of men una de go.”
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