Sad Video Shows Emeka Rollas, Jerry Amilo, And Others Gazing At Junior Pope’s Remains In Hospital

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A distressing video circulating online has shown notable actors gazing at the lifeless body of Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, at the hospital.

This comes after his death was confirmed.

In the footage, Junior Pope’s nostrils are obstructed with cotton wool as he lies motionless on the hospital bed. Jerry Amilo, AGN president Emeka Rollas, and others gaze mournfully at the deceased actor’s body.

It is reported that the actor and others lost their lives while attempting to cross the Anam River in Anambra State. According to sources, they were filming a movie for Adanma Luke in Asaba, Delta State.

This heart-wrenching video is currently being shared widely.

Before the official confirmation of his passing, Junior Pope was said to have been resuscitated and swiftly transported to the hospital for further medical attention.

Watch video;

Videos circulating on social media captured the moment the crowd revived him, tirelessly fanning the actor as he struggled to breathe.

The sight of him being alive again brought immense joy to the onlookers, resulting in ecstatic screams filling the air.

Another clip shows the crowd carrying the actor, with speculations that he was being taken to the hospital.

The news left numerous netizens thrilled and jubilant, as the comment section overflowed with cheerful remarks.

See some comments below:

@gloria_glowia wrote: “I hear d man can actually swim. I guess it’s not a good day to be on that water.”

chinny_bridal wrote: So this is true, I can’t even sleep. Wishing for a miracle.

fredkingstonz wrote: “That’s why i don’t mess with anything call boat 🚤 May his soul rest in perfect peace! There was no safety measure by wearing safety vest 🦺 if not he.”

queenverabasseybold wrote: “😢😢😢😢😢this is sad abeg i actually didn’t wanna believe this until this very post 😭😭😭😭😭 rest in peace jnr pope.”

that_girl_uju wrote: “Omo I’ll keep staying far away from water as long as I’m alive.”

In other news, Abigail Nebechi, a renowned Nollywood actress, has utilized social media as a platform to address the conduct of her colleagues when it comes to sharing news and commemorating moments of happiness.

In a recent online post, Abigail Nebechi expressed her dissatisfaction with the inclination of Nollywood actors to promptly disseminate news about misfortunes or unfortunate incidents, while neglecting to celebrate and recognize positive occurrences.

The trigger for Nebechi’s critique seems to be the recent incident involving fellow actor Jnr Pope, who was initially reported to have miraculously survived a drowning accident.

Abigail Nebechi stressed the importance of Nollywood actors showing equal support and attention to both the challenging and joyful moments in their colleagues’ lives.

She encouraged her fellow actors to actively participate in celebrating and uplifting each other during times of happiness, rather than only coming together during times of crisis.

According to Nebechi, actors must make a deliberate effort to extend the same level of enthusiasm and timeliness in celebrating birthdays and other joyful occasions as they do when sharing updates on someone’s dire condition.

In her statement, she emphasized the need for a balanced approach in supporting and acknowledging both the highs and lows experienced by their colleagues.

In her words,

“Nollywood people Una Weldon ,so una sabi rush post person death but if na person birthday now will wait till 9pm,10pm even some till d next day.
God will help all of us we see and know them!”

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