Netizens Discover 2023 Video Of Ghanaian Prophet Forewarning Junior Pope Of His Impending Doom

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After the passing of the talented Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, social media users have uncovered a video of a Ghanaian Prophet predicting his demise.

In an interview conducted last year, the Ghanaian prophet cautioned the actor about potential spiritual harm coming from his own family.

He advised the actor to investigate his father’s lineage as there seemed to be a negative energy surrounding him.

The prophet foretold that one day, unfortunate news would befall him, causing great devastation to the nation, as he believed that accidents were being orchestrated by his paternal relatives.

The prophet said:

“Junior Pope a guy in the Nigerian movie industry, who is doing very well, I want to send a message to him. He should cross-check his father’s side because the darkness on him has no timer. One day, bad news go fall for Naija, and we go regret it because the curse from his father’s side is throwing accident his way in the spiritual world”.

Watch video:


The video has now sparked a sensation online, with many people talking.

Ovie0147 wrote, “This one na only Nigeria he dey see prophecy for oo

Igbobian Nation wrote, “All this pastor no get one single power and truth for mouth. Lie lie and format na full their head

Godson Amg wrote, “Prophecies are powerful, that’s why you have to reject any had prophecy immediately

Mirabel Xx wrote, “You all debut don’t intercede to prevent it, abeg I’m tired of all this”.

The demise of the talented movie star was initially reported as a tragic drowning incident. It was said that he and his colleagues were returning from a movie location when their boat capsized in Anam River, Anambra State. However, hours later, it was revealed that the actor was still alive.

He had undergone a cleansing ritual at the Water Shrine before being taken to the hospital, where he eventually succumbed to his injuries after a prolonged battle for his life.

The AGN president confirmed the actor’s death and expressed deep sadness over the loss. He acknowledged that their initial joy at the actor’s survival had been short-lived.  The president explained that his first announcement of the actor’s death was made in a state of excitement when he felt a tingling sensation in his fingers.

Despite the best efforts of two hospitals, they were unable to revive him. In the wake of his untimely passing, there is now a dispute between the actor’s family and the community where he died regarding the handling of his body.

Some members of the community believe that he should be buried in the river, as they believe it is necessary for the well-being of his children and the community as a whole.

On the other hand, another group suggests that the family should take the body to a specific shrine, where a herbalist who has authority over the river can supposedly bring the actor back to life.

Emeka Rollas, the AGN president, and several Nollywood actors are reportedly advocating for the body to be taken to the shrine.

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