I Might Get Stabbed If I Speak – Ruger Discusses His Fallout With Former Label Boss, D’Prince

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Nigerian singer Ruger, whose real name is Michael Adebayo Olayinka has revealed why he cannot openly discuss his fallout with his former record label boss, D’Prince.

He spoke in a recent interview thanking him for the exposure he received from his previous record label, Jonzing World.

However, he made the decision not to renew his contract due to their failure to adequately promote his brand as he had hoped.

Ruger also accused his former record label boss, D’Prince, of neglecting him and using his music earnings to search for new talents.

In a series of posts on X on Thursday, Ruger vented his frustrations and hinted that there is more to the story, but he fears potential repercussions if he were to reveal further details about the record label.

He wrote,

 “As much as I’m very appreciative of the fact that Jonzing world introduced me to the world, I just couldn’t continue with them because they got too comfortable with the money they were making from me and couldn’t push me further as I wanted to be pushed. Was supposed to renegotiate the contract but I couldn’t imagine 5 years more without action.

“Dey use my money Dey fund new artist, leaving me in the dark, not being transparent. I just laugh. How e be now?

“Many things to to talk but dem fit go wait for me for ikoyi link bridge stab me wotowoto.”

Former Nigerian musician Tunde Ednut, now a blogger, has written a note to D’Prince.

Ruger surprised a lot of people a few days ago when he revealed that he was leaving D’Prince’s record company, “Jonzing World.” He disclosed that he was introducing “Blown Boy Entertainment,” his new record label.

Ruger pledged to keep the flag flying and thanked D’Prince for believing in him and their adventure so far, even if he was leaving.

He did, however, give thanks to Tunde Ednut in a post on his Instagram account for having found him before turning him over to D’Prince. He thanked him for the honor, referring to him as a kingmaker.

In response, Tunde Ednut wrote to D’Prince on his Instagram page, saying that God sees his openness and simplicity in D’Prince.

He saw that individuals aren’t always who they seem to be and pledged to express his opinion when the moment was appropriate.

According to Tunde, he would not cease assisting others, since that is what he is known for and why God sent him to this planet.

Ednut went on to say that while he is grateful for Ruger’s newly found freedom, time will tell, and they will discuss the truth when the time is appropriate.

“No matter what you do in this life, don’t let any human let you stop helping people in this life.

So many things to say about D’Prince, but we go talk am another day. I don’t like to trend anymore, if not.

I Sha don keep quiet since. If man no honor me, God will honor me”.

“I will talk my mind when the time is right. People are not who they seem to be. @dprince God sees my plain heart to you and my transparency. God will honor me one day and I will never stop helping people. That’s what I am known for. That’s what God has brought me to this world to do. Time will tell. When the time is right, we go talk the full matter.

God bless you @rugerofficial… NOW YOU ARE FREE!!! I’m happy for you. No one can stop your shine or your GRACE. God has destined you for greatness.

I don talk my mind. I no kuku send anybody”.

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