The Grammy Is An American Award, Let’s Support Our Award Shows – Joeboy

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Nigerian singer, Joeboy has made a case for African awards.

During a recent interview on the “The Big Convo” podcast in Ghana, renowned Nigerian artist Joeboy expressed his support for African award shows.

He believes that instead of solely focusing on the Grammys, African superstars should wholeheartedly back our own local institutions.

Joeboy highlighted that although the Grammys hold global prestige, it is primarily an American award. He emphasized that its prominence is largely a result of strategic positioning, but we often elevate it to the highest honor for African artists.

Joeboy urges fellow artists to prioritize African award shows with the same level of enthusiasm as they do for the Grammys.

Furthermore, Joeboy stressed the importance of investing in the local Afrobeats system. While international success brings financial gains, he reminds us that ultimately, we all return home.

According to Joeboy, it is crucial to establish strong infrastructure and institutions within Africa to sustain our artistic legacy.

In his own words:

“I think we should unapologetically be ourselves and also empower our institutions here in Africa…Grammys is a great award but it’s still an American award. It’s just seen as a global award because of its positioning but we make it look like that it’s the biggest award an African artist can ever get.”

“Why don’t we show up for our awards and plan it properly if they didn’t show up for their awards, it won’t be as great as it’s now”.

“I know there’s money to be made there but we need to return home and invest because at the end of the day, we will all have to come back. So it’s all about making sure our infrastructure and institutions are growing.”

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In other news, Afrobeats musician Joseph Akinfenwa aka Joeboy has stated that if not for his music, he wouldn’t be on social media.

According to the star, social media is toxic.

Joeboy spoke openly about the use of social media, emphasizing that he can live without social media for quite some time.

The songwriter revealed this to Chrystal Kwame-Aryee on 3FM Drive.

According to him, he would not even use WhatsApp, a popular social networking software.

“For sure, 100 percent. If I wasn’t making music, I would not have a social media account. You will probably see me on WhatsApp and I will not be posting anything, maybe my profile picture will be there for like four years ago without any update, that’s the kind of person I am. I can do without social media,” he said

Joeboy went on to add that his present social media presence is only to promote his music brand and craft; otherwise, he would not be on the platform.

“If you have a brand or business to sell, I totally understand that. You have to be online, keep people updated about what is going on and that is very important.
“But for me if I wasn’t doing any of that, I would not go be on social media at all,” he added.
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