Loan App Falsely Reports Couple’s Death Over Loan Default

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A loan app has defamed a couple over an unpaid loan.

An X user took to the platform to share a photograph of a couple falsely pronounced dead by an online loan app due to their failure to fulfill loan repayment obligations.

The accompanying caption of the post read:

All because they couldn’t pay back their loan, see what a loan company did.”

The image showcases an altered photograph of a couple who are suspected to have obtained funds in the form of a loan from an undisclosed loan provider.

The photograph reveals the names of the couple along with other pertinent details. The loan company further stated that they have been classified as deceased, with a burial date scheduled for 30/4/2024.

This course of action was initiated by the loan application as the couple allegedly declined to repay their loan before the specified deadline.

Furthermore, a brief message or caption accompanies the image which reads:

We, the family of Mr. and Mrs. (Dr. Henry, NGASI), happily announce the passing of the couple. They are survived by only one daughter, she’ll be r*ped to death”.


The tweet attracted the interest of social media users, who instantly swamped the comments area with their ideas.

See some reactions below:

@_amber_jay: “Omo, for how much exactly did they borrow to get this sort of embarrassment.”

@StickzAbel: “I will deal with em from the highest ranked worker to the gateman or messenger.

@Badboyhyce: “The money fit no enter 50k like that self.”

@FisayorOfLagos: “Why bring in the innocent child fgs.”

@mindez_20: “I swear I no go pay again walai.”

Remember that, The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has banned multiple fraudulent loan applications that have exploited innocent Nigerians.

The federal government supported this decision, deeming these applications unlawful and a threat to society owing to their misleading practices.

These illegal lending applications have caused tremendous anguish by harassing users and victims.

Notably, these applications operate outside the legal framework because they are not registered with the federal government and have now been officially banned.

The proliferation of bogus loan applications is a critical issue in the digital age when the convenience and allure of online lending platforms have sadly opened the way for fraudulent activity.

Scammers behind these applications entice people with the promise of easy loan approvals and speedy money transfers, primarily targeting those with bad credit or limited access to established financial institutions.

Victims, who are typically in terrible financial problems, are misled into providing personal and financial information in the hopes of obtaining a loan.

This sensitive information is subsequently utilized for identity theft, financial fraud, and other unlawful acts, leaving people exposed and financially stressed.

The CBN’s crackdown on these fraudulent applications demonstrates a commitment to protecting individuals from digital financial crimes while also providing a secure environment for genuine online financial transactions.

Here are the list of fake loan apps that have been blacklisted by the CBN:




Speedy Choice


Soko Loan App

Fast Money


Icoin Loan

Naira Plus




Fast Money


Swiftkash App

Hen Credit Loan App

Cash Door App

Joy Cash-Loan App

Eaglecash App

Luckyloan Personal Loan App

Getloan App

Easeloan Apps

Naira Naija

Cashlawn App

Easynaira App

Crediting App

Yoyi App

Nut Loan App

Cashpal App

Nairaeasy Gist Loan App

Camelloan App

Nairaloan App

Moneytreefinance Made Easy App

Cashme App

Secucash App

Creditbox App

Cashmama App

Crimson Credit App

Galaxy Credit App

Ease Cash App



Naira Naija




Naija Cash

Eagle Cash

Firstnell App


Spark Credit

Luckyloan Personal Loan App

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