“Cuz He Wanted The Devil To Use Him” – Asake’s Ex-Lover Mystiquee Reveals Details Their Breakup

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Madame Mystiquee, the former girlfriend of Nigerian Afrobeats star, Ahmed Ololade, also known as Asake has revealed the cause of her split from the musician.

This is coming months after a troubling prediction was made by a Nigerian pastor regarding the musician.

After being in a relationship for almost a year, Asake and his lovely Gambian girlfriend, Madame Mystiquee, decided to go their separate ways.

In the aftermath of their emotional breakup, Madame Mystiquee took a break from social media but has recently returned.

During a recent Question and Answer session with her followers, Madame Mystiquee was questioned by Nigerians about her choice to end things with the musician.

An Instagram user known as @rophiat_ asked Madame Mystiquee why she chose to break up with Asake.

Madame Mystiquee replied;

“Cuz he wanted to go let the devil use him.” 

Fans were especially interested in the emoji Madame Mystiquee used in her post—a palm with an eye in the center, which is usually connected with the “Illuminati.”

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Recall that Popular Nigerian Afrobeats artist Ahmed Ololade, often known as Asake, has shared his reasons for splitting from his girlfriend.

The ‘Remember’ singer claims that after he was paid well for his songs, he was so happy to tell her about it that he informed her precisely how much he made and decided to give her N2 million.

Asake expressed shock at his girlfriend’s rejection of the N2 million, pointing out that she thought it was little in comparison to his large paycheck earned from his huge job.

The singer voiced his worries, saying that the unexpected behavior disturbed him, especially in light of the woman’s lowly upbringing.

He made it clear that he hadn’t expected her to have that kind of attitude.

Asake went on to say that he talked to Olamide about the matter, and Olamide suggested that he give the money to his mother and end his relationship with the girl.

He said that after giving his mother the N2 million, she is now self-sufficient and no longer needs him for financial support.

Asake stated:

“When I made my first big paycheck from music, I was so happy that I shared the news with my girlfriend. I gave her full details of how much I made and the next day, I gave her 2 million naira as a gift.

To my surprise, she turned it down saying 2 Million was too small compared to how much I had made. I was a bit worried coz this girl is from a humble background, and I never imagined her to be like that.

I explained the situation to Olamide and he advised me to leave the girl, he also instructed me to send the 2 Million Naira to my mom.

I’m glad I did coz my mom was able to make good use of the money and open a big provision store. My mom doesn’t call me for financial issues anymore coz she’s doing just fine…“

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