DNA SAGA: “I Can Accept A Child That’s Not Mine” – Comedian Baba Tee

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Popular actor and comedian Babatunde Bernard Tayo aka Baba Tee has given his opinion on the ongoing paternity fraud cases in Nigeria.

The comedian said he was open to accepting a child that was not biologically his own. He called on women to walk away from a marriage if the man is not treating them well.

During a recent interview with TVC, Baba Tee pointed out various factors that contribute to the prevalence of paternity fraud in the nation.

One of the factors he specifically highlighted was the impact of upbringing and a lack of sexual satisfaction. Nevertheless, he stressed that regardless of these factors, the responsibility for paternity fraud ultimately lies with the woman.

Baba Tee asserted that men should not be blamed, even if their actions may have influenced a woman’s behavior.

He refuted the idea that domestic violence or infidelity by spouses could justify paternity fraud. Instead, he encouraged women to prioritize their own well-being and consider leaving marriages where they face mistreatment or infidelity.

Additionally, Baba Tee adopted a compassionate approach by stating that he would be willing to accept a child who is not biologically his if his partner expressed regret for being unfaithful.

In his words:

Women can’t use domestic violence or infidelity on the part of their spouses as an excuse for paternity fraud. If a man is not treating you well, walk out of the marriage.

“When it comes to paternity fraud, the woman is always at fault. You can’t shift the blame to the man because men don’t conceive. As a woman, if you know you can’t tolerate your husband’s maltreatment or infidelity, leave the marriage.

“Personally, there is nothing I can’t keep for a woman who is good to me. If a woman cheats on me and a child comes out of it and I find out, I will forgive her if she is remorseful. I will take the child as my own.”

Afrobeats musician Seun Kuti has added a controversial angle to the brouhaha over conducting DNA tests. He was reacting after Mobad’s wife made a u-turn, insisting that she wouldn’t allow anybody to conduct a DNA test on her son.

Reacting, Seun said no man would want a DNA test if his wife is more financially secure than him.

According to him, obtaining DNA is about both trust and power. Kuti joined the conversation on the DNA test scandal raging on Nigeria’s social media platforms.

Nigerians disagree on the relevance of DNA tests, especially given the current rise of paternity fraud cases.

In a video message, Kuti stated that the emphasis on DNA testing originates mostly from trust and power dynamics in partnerships.

He contended that, while the immediate goal of DNA testing may be to prove paternity, the deeper reasons are often driven by underlying relationship dynamics.

He said:

There is no way that doing DNA test is not about trust. Doing DNA test is a trust issue 100 per cent! It’s not only a trust issue, it’s also a power issue. No man would request for a DNA test if their partners are richer than them.”

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