“Who Carry Indaboski Go London” – Nigerians React To Viral Video Of Odumeje Speaking As He Arrived London

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A trending video of the General Overseer of Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry, Chukwuemeka Cyril Ohanaemere, also known as Odumeje in London has caused a buzz on social media.

In the video, the controversial prophet, Odumeje was seen addressing a crowd upon his arrival in London.

The clergyman, who is currently in the UK for a crusade, provided a glimpse of what attendees can expect during the event.

During his speech to the gathered crowd, Odumeje confidently stated that he has not faced defeat since 1996 and emphasized that all the miracles he performs are genuine.

He proceeded to boast about his various abilities and playfully encouraged the audience to look forward to what was to come.

He said:

“Since 1996 I have never been defeated. I have been performing miracles, I have never done anything fake, and ask me and I will show you more. I am fully loaded; I am fully prepared. I have many powers. Many I have never used, many I have never touched. I am in London for outreach. I am still the Liquid metal, I am still the lion himself”.

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See reactions to the video below;

damidawson said: “One of the biggest comedy shows just entered London 😁”

tallygenius remarked: “Who give Odumeje Asake’s trouser?🤣🤣”

emmanuelbasy wrote: “What does “eugbe” mean abeg😂😂😂😂 abi na another power😂😂😂”

timzytim5 penned: “People are so unserious about this Christianity thing”

little_miss_enchantress commented: “I love this man so much, he’s effortlessly funny, seeing his shape of head alone makes me smile. 😂”

In other news, Chukwuemeka Cyril Ohanaemere, often known as Odumeje, has sent a serious message to his critics and those making fun of him on social media.

The musician promised to bring his detractors to the ‘citadel’, where they would discover genuine power.

Odumeje addressed his members and condemned Nigerians for mocking him on social media.

He swore never to file a lawsuit or call the police against detractors who mocked him on social media.

According to Odumeje:

If you speak against me in media, when I look at the video and watch the way you talk against me, lie. I don’t call police, I don’t call lawyer. I will summon you to citadel and to Santussanitorial. That’s where you will agree that there is power.”

He boasted of utilizing one of his powers, Abido Shaker, to bring down the dollar.

During a ministration session at his church, the controversial preacher mentioned this to his congregation.

He stated that he had sworn to utilize his power, the Abido shaker, to knock down the dollar, which was rapidly gaining value against the naira.

Odumeje stated that he kept his word and has since employed one of his numerous abilities, Abido Shaker, to bring down the dollar.

He went on to say that no other preacher in Nigeria has been able to accomplish the same feat.

Odumeje went on to say that he would cut it down much more before taking over the presidential seat.

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