VeryDarkMan Celebrates His 30th Birthday (Video)

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Social activist and commentator Very Dark Man recently took to Instagram to commemorate his 30th birthday. In his heartfelt post, he reflected on the significance of reaching this milestone and acknowledged the inevitable reality of mortality.

In the accompanying video, Very Dark Man showcased his jubilant spirit by dancing to a Christian gospel song, adorned in a traditional white Benin attire.

Throughout the captivating performance, he expressed himself through song and dance, captivating his audience until the video’s conclusion.

Despite encountering opposition throughout his journey as an activist, Very Dark Man’s comment section overflowed with messages of goodwill from both renowned figures and ordinary individuals.

This outpouring of support from celebrities and netizens alike serves as a testament to the impact he has made in his endeavors.

Watch video:


sandrasreality wrote, “This guy is a very spiritual person. I laugh in Swahili for those who fight him canally”


d_flowergirli wrote, “Happy birthday to the most popular and truthful activist in Nigeria VDM”

apostle_of_singles wrote, “Happy Birthday…You are not getting close to the grave o in Jesus’ name.Which kind caption be that.”

theonlychigul wrote, “Happy birthday Sir…live long and prosper”

lisleelove wrote, “So VDM is my age mate, l’m a day older 7th…. now I see where the resilience is coming from.”

iamtrinityguy wrote, “Happy birthday verydarkblackman”

emmy_chizzy1 wrote, “Happy Birthday to the voice of the voiceless, A good and courageous man, God bless your new age brother. TEAM VM let’s gather here”

timmy.eko wrote, “Happy birthday vom, your impact in the society is notable and very well appreciated”

rachelosigwe wrote, “We were born on the same day, same month and same year is God not wonderful”

leadvoice wrote, “Much love VDM… Love you G! HBD……. We’ll vote you in as next presido”

blissfulbeautystoree1 wrote, “Birthday blessings OG, On this your new age I declare that the LORD will bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace. Excel in all you do OG”

In other news, Controversial activist VeryDarkMan has made a mockery of popular crossdresser, Bobrisky following his arrest.VeryDarkMan learned about Bobrisky’s detention by the EFCC and wasted no time in commenting on the matter.

In a video, VeryDarkMan began by addressing the owner of the estate where Bobrisky lives before being detained. He urged him not to become involved in Bobrisky’s dispute with the EFCC, noting that a friend of an enemy is an enemy, implying that if he helps Bobrisky, he will instantly become his adversary.

In his video, Very Dark Man hinted that he was the one who initiated Bobrisky’s arrest when he indicated that this was only the beginning and that he would file a petition accusing Bobrisky of money laundering.

Very Dark Man claimed in the video that Bobrisky was sleeping with a well-known man who called the EFCC to request Bobrisky’s release. This whole thing fits in so well with his earlier claim that Bobrisky was having affairs with legislators.

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