I Want To Be Wizkid of Rap in Nigeria – OdumoduBlvck

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OdumoduBlvck, a Nigerian rapper, has made public his intention to become the Wizkid of rap in Nigeria.

He added that, while he has the potential to perform core hip-hop similar to American icon Eminem, he has decided not to.

He believes that Nigerians do not comprehend hip-hop. OdumoduBlvck presented his thoughts during a recent podcast interview. He feels that Nigerians like melodious music, therefore he opted to dumb down his rap for commercial success.

He mentioned that his ambition is to make Nigerian rap entertaining, in the same way that Wizkid transformed R&B in Nigeria.

According to him, while some Nigerian singers have explored pure rap, they have failed to generate essential enthusiasm among fans.

He stated:

Some Nigerians did pure rap but they didn’t make it exciting for people to gravitate towards it.

“People said my rap sounds like nursery school rhymes. I dumbed it down so I can sell these records, so you don’t have to think twice. When you listen to my rap, if you understand the lingo you get it once. You don’t have to go to any dictionary.

“It’s not hard core rap. It’s easy. I’ve made it exciting. Just like Wizkid, I want to make my rap sweet and exciting.

“I can rap like Eminem and all these guys but bro where I come from nobody is gonna listen to that stuff. They don’t understand it.”


In other news, Nigerian rapper Odumodublvck, also known as Tochukwu Ojogwu, has narrated how his father tragically passed away because they were poor.

He claimed that the reason he lost his father was because his family was unable to pay N70,000 for a hospital bed.

He said that because of their poverty at the time, they had to bring his father home to die.

The vocalist of “Declan Rice” expressed his strong belief that no musician paved the route for his musical achievement because of his difficult experience.

Although no musician had opened the path for him, he acknowledged that previous rappers had influenced him.

On Wednesday, Odumodublvck wrote on his X handle:

“When my father died my family was poor. We could not pay hospital bed space of 70k [N70,000]. We had to take him home.
“Coming to tell me about paving the way for me? That’s God, brother. No use your ego counter reason my reality, bros.
“I agree say you inspire me. But bros, you pave the way for nobody. Nobody!
“I hate when n*ggas try to play God.”
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