Gospel Singer, Nathaniel Bassey Petitions Police Over Defamation (Video)

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Nathaniel Bassey, a popular Nigerian musician and preacher, has petitioned Inspector General of Police Kayode Egbetokun after he was defamed by some bloggers.

He urged the IGP to investigate and punish four social media users who made defamatory claims against the gospel singer.

Recall that some netizens claimed Mercy Chinwo’s child bore a similarity to Nathaniel Bassey and called on her husband, Pastor Blessed, to do a DNA test.

This sparked much debate online, and the gospel artists took legal action against some of these people.

Nathaniel Bassey filed the petition with the IGP on April 1, 2024, represented by attorneys Peter Abraham, Uche Matthew, Gbenga Agunloye, and Anthony Abia.

Last week, four social media users claimed Bassey was the father of a prominent gospel singer’s son, and the rumor went viral on X.

Consequently, the attorneys urged the police to investigate the petition against the four social media users—Okoronkwo Ejike, Kingsley Ibeh, Terrence Ekot, and Dj Spoiltkid—as soon as feasible.

The petition partially read:

“Our client is a gospel music minister whose songs and ministrations have impacted the lives of so many from different walks of life across the globe.”

Watch video;

Recall that A Nigerian man, Okoronkwo Ejike has openly written an apology over a sickening claim he recently made about Mercy Chinwo, a gospel musician, and her husband, Pastor Blessed.

Okoronkwo Ejike took to Facebook to challenge the singer’s son Charis’ paternity. Okoronkwo Ejike said on Facebook that the newborn looked just like gospel musician Nathaniel Bassey.

He stated that the child is Bassey’s and no one can tell him otherwise.

Ejike also hinted at the potential of a love relationship between the gospel singers, which may have resulted in the kid.

He wrote:

 “This is the true face of Mercy Chinwo’s child she was hiding after giving birth. But the truth is that this little baby looks exactly like Singer Nathaniel Bassey.
“Nothing anybody wan reason me oh, this child is Nathaniel Bassey’s baby, just maybe there was a secret away match that occurred, otherwise how can we make empirical sense of this.”
The post went viral, eliciting harsh criticism from netizens. This compelled him to apologize.
He wrote:
“I hereby tender an unreserved apology to Mercy Chinwo, Nathaniel Bassey and Pastor Blessed for my take on the striking resemblance of Pastor Blessed’s baby.
“And to everyone who got hurt over my post, I’m deeply very sorry.
Love and light for Cosmic positive vibrations, Shalom.”
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