Why I Became A Transgender – Bobrisky Speaks

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Nigerian cross-dresser Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, has revealed more about his switch to transgender.

The controversial Internet celebrity revealed that he began crossdressing as a marketing technique while selling unisex clothing as an undergraduate at the University of Lagos.

In an honest interview with maverick musician Charly Boy, Bobrisky said that he had no idea that cross-dressing would lead to him being transgender.

He said:

“About nine years ago, I was at the University of Lagos studying Accounting. I also had a side hustle, I was selling unisex clothes. Most times I try the female wears on myself and I love the outfits.

“From there, I moved to female hairstyles to makeup and more women were patronising my business. So I decided to keep crossdressing since it was lucrative.

“I wasn’t thinking I was going to do it for a very long time. Initially, it was just a marketing strategy but people were complimenting me that I look better as a woman than a man. That’s how I ended up being Bobrisky.”

Meanwhile, Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky recently declared that he is not competing with anyone. He proclaimed this after winning the Best Dressed Female award at a recent movie screening.

He boasted about being surrounded by billionaires who see nothing wrong with what he does and supply him with everything he requires to live a ‘baby girl’ lifestyle.

The controversial transsexual has told non-billionaires to stay away from his business.

“I’m not even competing with anyone, I’m just living the real babygirl lifestyle. If all the real ballers around me see me as their baby girl for life and they are all doing everything I’m asking them to do, biko wo be those broke ass to tell them who to spend their money on.
“People with d real money BILLIONAIRES see me as a hot baddie, broke ass is crying on my comment section say i no girl biko is winning. 2024 join d winning girls stop crying in the comments section,” he said.

This comes after Dayo Amusa, a Nollywood actress, denounced the awarding of the ‘Best Dressed Female’ to popular crossdresser Bobrisky at a recent movie premiere. According to the Etikonaija, Bobrisky won the Best Dressed Female award at the movie premiere in Lagos over the weekend and got a monetary reward of N1 million.

However, in a video message posted on her Instagram account, Amusa stated that it was a mockery of the ladies present at the event.

She said:

“I was at a colleague of mine premiere yesterday, they said the best dressers are to be picked; one female and one male best dresser. Don’t get me wrong, the winner could be anyone but definitely not a crossdresser. I mean, what’s wrong with us? I don’t understand it.

“I cannot imagine the judges disrespecting every woman that was there. You had to pick a winner, a female best dressed and a male best dressed and you watered the efforts of all the women at the event by giving the best dressed female to a crossdresser. I don’t understand, what is wrong with us?

“If you feel you want to honour crossdressers, you should have created their own category instead of disrespecting women by giving a crossdresser the best dressed female award.”

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