Let’s Team Up to Plead With the Police for Verydarkman – Hon. Simon Oshi

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Honourable Simon Oshi, a former contestant for the Federal House of Representatives, has urged followers of critic Verydarkman to remain calm because he would soon be released.

Recall that Verydarkman was detained by the Nigeria Police Force a few days ago on grounds of cyberbullying.

He’s been in detention for several days now.

In a recent Instagram post, Honourable Simon Oshi urged for calm in the face of the critic’s hard times.

He told them that the critique would be issued shortly.

The statement reads;
To the lovers and well wishers of our very own VDM, I want to sincerely applaud the commitment and show of love by a lot of his followers and celebrities.

In other news, Isaac Fayose, a social media analyst, has strongly criticized the lengthy detention of well-known advocate Verydarkman by the Nigerian police.

He slammed the police, calling it an oppressive practice.

Isaac Fayose, the brother of a former governor of Ekiti state, voiced his concerns over Verydarkman’s detention—which has lasted more than 24 hours without a court order—in a video that was uploaded to his Instagram page.

Isaac Fayose claims that no one may be held in custody in Nigeria for more than twenty-four hours without being prosecuted under the law.

“Why is Verydarkman being held for over five days without a court order, despite meeting all necessary standards?”

In the video, Isaac Fayose presented a question. He stressed that although the police might be able to prosecute Verydarkman with a crime, they must move quickly to bring official accusations against him.

Isaac Fayose, who called Verydarkman a “good man,” contended that his imprisonment during the Easter break is an obvious example of persecution, repression, and silencing of voices that want freedom and justice for the country.

He voiced his worry that such acts would have a detrimental effect on Nigeria’s democratic ideals and human rights status.

In addition, Isaac Fayose advised Nigerians to constantly do good deeds and abstain from pursuing ill revenge against others, as well as calling for the prompt release of Verydarkman.

In light of VDM’s current situation, Cubana Chief Priest expressed confidence in his capacity to overcome hurdles and emerge triumphant.

He told VDM that his devotion to his cause would eventually lead to triumph, encouraging him to be resilient and uncompromising in his quest for justice.

Using the metaphor of light defeating darkness, Chief Priest underlines the certainty of victory for those who remain firm in their convictions.

He offered words of solidarity and support, reminding VDM that he is not alone in his struggle, as many great individuals have faced similar challenges on their path to greatness.

Chief Priest ended his post by stating that the police are the friends of the masses.

The post reads:

“As an activist you must pass through this kind of process @verydarkblackman enjoy the process bro, the end justifies the means. This is what you have always wanted, always ready to prove a point regardless. the only man I know that comfortably rejects money. It’s well, No pain no gain. One thing is for sure darkness can never overcome light. See you at the top soon Legendary. All of us great people have passed through this very process.

Stand strong brother man police is our friend. #FreeVDM.”

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