I’ve Not Touched My N120M BBNaija Money Yet – Ilebaye Brags

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Ilebaye Odiniya, the winner of BBNaija All-stars, has turned to Snapchat to gloat about not having touched her N120 million grand prize money.

She boasted while responding to those who were condemning her.

During a recent Snapchat discussion with fans, the reality star responded to accusations that she is struggling financially since her social media presence lacks evidence of excessive spending.

The 23-year-old reality TV personality disputed this notion, noting that financial comfort does not necessitate frequent public shows of riches.

In a shocking revelation, Ilebaye claimed she had not touched the N120 million grand prize from the BBNaija program and that it was still in her hands.

Ilebaye advised those who support her to stop forming assumptions about her wealth and thanked the Big Brother Naija organizers for providing her financial stability.

In her words:

“Lmaoo! When it comes to being broke, don’t add Ilebaye’s name to that circle girl! lol, brokenness isn’t my portion and I thank God for using Big Brother to have my own money. Because I don’t post doesn’t mean I don’t have. If I dey post, una for die of hate. I’m saving you guys from unnecessary High BP. I never even touch that 120M yet. Lmao you think it’s by posting designers that make you rich,”

In other news, Big Brother Naija All-Stars winner Ilebaye has vented against an unidentified fellow housemate in a recent post.

In a recent post on her Snapchat account, she slammed one of the Big Brother Naija housemates but failed to name the person.

According to her, because she’s calm doesn’t make her a fool.

She went on to state that she did not want any drama this year, so if the claimed roommate saw her post, he or she should take the necessary action since she does not want her other side to be exposed.

The winner of Big Brother Naija’s “All Stars,” urged her admirers to brace themselves for the coming unveiling of her vast empire.

Ilebaye agreed to an interview with New Day TV on her journey to Ghana, where she discussed several topics.

In answer to the interviewer’s query about what her followers can expect, she said they may expect the Great IIebaye.

She also discussed how quickly she was building her empire.

The reality star was asked to explain her method further, but she declined.

Ilebaye believes that deeds speak louder than words. It was expected of her fans to predict what she would say.

She said:

Fame has done some things for me. It has given me a family, and I have many fans. Many people adore me for who I am. It has provided me with wonderful fortune and several chances. It essentially made me the star I am today.

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