Femi Adebayo Told Me He Was Invited By Police For Promoting LGBTQ – Dayo Amusu

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Dayo Amusa, a controversial Nigerian actress, has made a claim against her colleague, Femi Adebayo.

She claimed that Adebayo informed her that he had been summoned by the police for promoting LGBTQ+ content.

Adebayo has faced widespread criticism online for naming transsexual Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, also known as Bobrisky, as the best-dressed female at a Lagos event last weekend.

Dayo also chastised Adebayo for making such a declaration in a video posted online.

In another viral video, Dayo Amusa stated, “Femi said, ‘Dayo, this thing has escalated.” Muslim communities are now drawing his attention to the fact that the police invited him or that he was encouraging homosexuality.

“You, Femi Adebayo called me this morning, telling me that Muslim societies have been accusing you that probably you are promoting transgender whatever.

“That police people have invited you for questioning for promoting gay whatever, and you requested, you demanded, you said, ‘Dayo, you need to do another video for damage control, you need to come out and tell people that my video was not to banter you or come up hot on you, that you were not aware of the whole thing, that they just gave you a mic to announce the winner which you did.”

In a tweet on Tuesday night, Femi’s wife, Aladuke, described Dayo Amusa as a “hypocrite” and an “evil-minded” individual. She said Amusa apologized to her husband and that she “didn’t mean it the way it was interpreted and that you would do a video to correct that,” but she lied.

Dayo, on the other hand, persisted in standing by her words, claiming that it was inappropriate to give a cross-dresser the prize for best-dressed female.

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Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo in other news, has tackled his colleague, Dayo Amusa. Amusa had dragged the actor to the controversy surrounding Bobrisky’s recent award.

In response, Femi said in Dayo’s comment section that he believes the Nollywood celebrity is trying to find his trouble.

Adebayo said she was out to pick a quarrel with the wrong individual.

He said that because he is only getting started, she would never be able to relax if her concern was his success.

He told her to quit attempting to undermine him and focus her energies on her profession.

He wrote:

“I now see that you truly want to come for me. You have actually done it with the wrong person. If my success is your problem, you can never have rest of mind because I have just started. It’s advisable you channel your energy to your career and not be too busy ok bringing me down,”
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