American YouTuber Kai Cenat Contributes $2,800 To Establish A School In The Makoko Slum (Video)

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American YouTuber Kai Cenat has donated $2,800 to the construction of a new school building in Lagos’ Makoko slum.

This was disclosed by Michael Oyiga, a well-known influencer and humanitarian.

Remember that the American visited Makoko as the first stop on his recent trip to Nigeria when he chatted with some local youth and offered to assist the community.

Michael offered an update on the YouTuber’s philanthropic deed, adding that Cenat donated $2,800 to build a new facility at one of the schools he has sponsored.

He announced on Twitter that the building project had finally commenced, two weeks after Kai Cenat donated monies to the institution.

He wrote:

“Two weeks ago, Kai Cenat came to one of the schools I’ve been looking out for in the slums of Lagos and donated $2,800 for a new building. 3.9million Naira.

Today, the building construction has started. Just wanted to update everyone. For posterity sake”

Recall that Kai Cenat, a popular American streamer and YouTuber has revealed his plans to establish a school for children living in the floating slums of Makoko, an informal community in Lagos, Nigeria.

Kai Cenat made this known during a recent livestream when he shared insights from his trip to Nigeria earlier this month.

The American streamer and YouTuber’s journey to Nigeria began with a warm welcome from skit creator Shank.

However, Nigerian music singer Davido later took over hosting responsibilities, providing Kai Cenat with a more extensive tour of the busy city of Lagos.

During his livestream, Cenat spoke passionately about his experiences in Makoko and the critical need to offer educational opportunities for the children living in the village.

He said that plans for the school are already in the works and stressed the necessity of teamwork in bringing this goal to life.

“I have set the ball rolling on plans to build a good school in Makoko for the kids living there,” Cenat said,

He then encouraged anyone with the right connections in construction and equipment procurement to step forward and contribute to the endeavor.

@badinflu3nc3_ reacted: “Naaah I don’t believe he will fulfill that. Same thing that Wizkid promised with no results.”

@MrDwein opined: “I think corruption and greediness is gonna step in 😑🤦🏿💔

@_Tri_stan alleged: “He is really milking Nigeria for clout because what ppl are you looking for? When you came didn’t you have ppl you stayed with and showed you around? Cant u work work with shank and others to build the sch instead of making noise?”

@iam_joshoodz expressed: “Hopefully it works out, the kids can’t wait.”

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